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To Tame a Bitch Overflow

This is overflow from:


PROMPT: Someone makes Izaya a bitch, literally. Very noncon. I'm going to hell.

They lock his hands in paw-like mitts, lock his legs in braces so he can't stand upright, (shock)collar him, ball-gag him, and stick a tail-like butt plug/vibrator up his ass. They treat him like dog, even strapping him down to a breeding bench and getting another dog to fuck him.


For Russia Sushi updaters:
The Pairing is OC/Izaya … for now lol.

This fic will have bestiality, humiliation, dehumanization and sex torture, genitalia torture amongst other things. You've been warned. Thank you for reading ♥

To Tame a Bitch 53/?


What was that feeling?

As if a lightning bolt had hit him and a strong course of electricity had juggled his brain, Roppi blinked his eyes as he stared at the man.

No, a dog.

No…a man.

He knew this man.

No, wait…since when..was he…a…dog? A female? A...???

Before Roppi could fully awaken from her hypnotic slumber, her master caressed her cheek with the back of his hand. A slight touch, but it was enough for Roppi to focus her attention on her loving master. She glanced back at the dog before him, but her eyes were clouded once more. She had already lost interest in her inner turmoil where she had once confused the dog for a man and a few moments of her own self reflection where she called herself a ‘he’. She settled in for a snuggle.

Shiki-san’s dog also looked uninterested at the female pup and laid his head on his master’s lap, letting out a sigh before closing his eyes and promptly going to sleep. His master scratched behind his ears and pet his blond hair, and the dog seemed content with that alone.

“Shizuo? You mean…‘the’ Shizuo?” her master frowned.

“Yes. It took awhile to tame him but we figured, if we were able to tame this monster, surely it would display our…skills.”

“Well.. I don’t dispute that at all, of course. But…the name.” Her master frowned behind his own plain mask. “You kept the same name.”

“Ah yes. You are to change their names, I believe? Take away their names, their past, their humanity, even their gender if need be, rebuild them from ground up — quite a grilling procedure I must admit. We have thought of naming him “Tsukishima,” like a poor lost puppy at the Tsukishima train station, but…” Shiki smirked darkly. “It wouldn’t have the same effect that the name ‘Heiwajima Shizuo’ brings to the client’s ears.”

“Is that why he’s also fully dressed?” her master also pointed out. “Specifically in his older clothes.” The dog named Shizuo was indeed still wearing the bartender clothes that he was known for as a human. “I’m curious as to how you were able to even train him into a dog with his full humanity intact.”

“Well, our training menu is a secret of course, as each artisan tends to guard their secret recipe. But do you want to see the results?” Then Shiki waved his hand as if it were an afterthought. ”We don’t mind a short sample performance. In fact, I think I insist.”

“Oh? And what kind of sample?” Roppi’s master asked dubiously.

“Why it’s rather simple.” Shiki smirked as he looked down the ledge where the glamourous show was still ongoing in the glitzy spotlight. There were flashy numbers displayed at the top that fell and rose as the gambling continued. There were a few cheers and groans, depending on the result. It looked as if the male dog with a vibrating dildo up in her cunt had finished fucking the hell out of the other female dog that was strapped to a breeding table. There was a buzzer as some cheered even more. Suddenly, dog handlers appeared on stage and yanked on the leashes as the dogs yelped. It looked as if the dog that was topping had lost as he was strapped to the breeding table next while another handler took away the castrated dog that was once on it. The male dog whimpered at first, which turned into a full scream as a large tiger came on stage and mounted him. Roppi had no idea what the humans were betting nor did he really care. Right now his master was giving him the longest petting he had ever had and he didn’t want anything to ruin it.

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When Spring Rain turns to Summer Sky OVERFLOW

Overflow from prompt:


Prompt :
Tsukishima Shizuo X Hachimenroppi Izaya - younger seme X older uke

Another new pairing based on the DVD special covers of Shizuo and Izaya.
Tsukishima Shizuo =
Hachimenroppi Izaya =

Since Tsuki!Shizuo came out later (DVD 13), I'd like him to be younger and shorter than Roppi!Izaya, but still be the seme. XD Anon would like the story to revolve around the pains of pursuing somebody who's older and wiser (Roppi!Izaya).
Because they're really new, characterizations will depend on the author!


Thank you for reading!

When Spring Rain turns to Summer Sky 49/?

The next day was a clear sky; the stars had finally stopped falling. Tsukishima woke up to notice Roppi cuddling next to him, sleeping soundly. Tsuki remained still, smiling to note that Hachimenroppi was finally getting a peaceful sleep without nightmares. He wanted to get up to make breakfast, but… Roppi-san looked so comfortable, Tsuki could not get up immediately.

Instead, he took his time to stare at the older male’s beautiful body. Did they really… do it last night? It was unbelievable. Even as Hachimenroppi laid next to him nude, breathing softly and peacefully, it was still like a dream. Tsuki carefully caressed away the bangs so he could take a better look at the sleeping man, the face of a man that he had longed for for many years; almost all his life and more.

Slowly, so he did not wake him up, the blond sat up and slipped away from their cuddling position. He gathered his clothes in this dark and foreboding room.

He knew he should leave. He had overstayed his welcome and the room was a reminder of that. Probably tomorrow — no, today, he would pack and say goodbye. He would at least make them breakfast and some lunch for later. He hoped that he had helped, but seeing the corner of the room that was partially painted blue before it stopped, Tsuki knew that he had caused more trouble than good while he’d stayed.

It hurt to admit, but yes. He wasn’t needed here, right? It would be best that he leave. He had delivered the message he wanted to tell Roppi for many years. He would be happy with that alone. He needed to return to his brothers who were probably expecting him…

Tsuki saw drops of water on the cutting board where he was dicing up the tofu for the miso soup for breakfast.


Ah… Tsuki’s lips quivered as he bit his lower lip. He didn’t realize he had started crying as he remembered he needed to go back home.

He wiped his tears as he continued to cut the tofu in perfect squares. He had breakfast to make, he shouldn’t dawdle. A useless kid like him should at least make breakfast properly, right?


“Roppi-san? Are you awake?” Tsuki knocked on the door. He had his apron on as Psyche and Hibiya were tugging at his clothes, whining, “When’s food? When are we eating? We’re hungrrry~~” “Let’s eat without him~~ He’s a late sleeper~~” As usual, Psyche and Hibiya were being brats.

When the door opened, Tsuki took a step back, stunned. Even the two kids next to him grew silent in awe.

Hahichmenroppi was wearing his red and black and gold-trimmed ceremonial robe. He gracefully lifted his head and tilted it questioningly as the boys gawked at him.

“What are you all doing? We’re going to the main house today. So get dressed.”

Still stunned, the boys gathered around the table awkwardly and quietly eating their breakfast as Hachimenroppi sat down with the grace of a swan amongst ducklings. Tsuki fidgeted a bit as he nervously almost spilled his soup while passing the condiments. Psyche pretended not to notice as he wolfed down his food while Hibiya also took care to dismiss anything amiss as he ate with proper etiquette.

“I’m done!!” Psyche announced as he pushed away his plate. Hibiya scoffed at the messy and noisy Psyche as he went back to eating delicately. Psyche had a mischievous glint in his eyes as he got up and slowly walked near Hibiya… clearly planning to do something naughty.

“Psyche.” Roppi’s stern voice broke the calmness in the air like knife. “Go get dressed.” He ordered with a voice that was not above a normal speaking volume but carried the weight of a thousand stars.

Psyche glanced up and pouted as he marched over to his room. “Yessss sir.”

Tsuki got up to wipe Psyche’s mouth before he let him go. By then, Hibiya also pushed away his plate. “Thank you for the food,” he bowed as he too went to his room to get dressed.

Who I am now

Overflow from:

Shiki/Izaya, Shizuo - amnesia

Izaya loses his memory and Shiki is the one who finds him. He can still be an informant and do his regular work. And because Izaya meets Shiki first (or Shiki saves him) Izaya is more attached to Shiki than before.

Shiki uses this to his advantage, and Izaya practically works for Shiki for free and out of his own will because Izaya wants Shiki's affection.

Story becomes more complicated when Shizuo gets mixed in, since he still agitates Izaya, making him start remembering things he doesn't want to remember.

Who I am now 186

“How many fingers am I holding?”

Shizuo held two fingers in front of Izaya’s glassed over eyes. For a reply he got a tittering giggle on the verge of madness.

“Justice wins in the end, justice prevails so I’ll be punished…serves you right, Orihara Izaya! Get away from me!”

Izaya’s wild staring past Shizuo’s shoulder had Shizuo following his gaze and half-expecting to see someone else there. Shizuo was still looking at the nothing that stood there when a switchblade came flying through the air and ended up bouncing off a wall. Shizuo almost wished Izaya had aimed it at him.

“Izaya, it’s alright. Everything is alright. So, let’s calm down.”

Shizuo adopted a soft tone that very few would associate with him. He considered slapping Izaya as he had heard should be done to hysterics but it could backfire horribly.

“‘Then you shall judge yourself, ‘the king answered. ‘that is the most difficult thing of all. It is much more difficult to judge oneself than to judge others. If you succeed in judging yourself rightly, then you are indeed a man of true wisdom.’”

The stream of words halted and the hyperventilating began. Shizuo grabbed a paper bag and held it to Izaya’s nose and mouth.

“Just breathe.”

Shizuo blew very softly on Izaya’s forehead. By degrees Izaya’s erratic breathing pattern settled down. Shizuo watched him very closely for a while then removed the bag and held two fingers.

“How many fingers?”


“Good. You’ll be fine.”

“Doubt it,”

Shizuo relaxed if only slightly. Izaya kept his eyes on the floor but at least he was responding to his environment.

“You’re better already.”

A bitter chuckle. Izaya finally established eye contact. Grim resolve stared back at Shizuo.

“I can’t recall anything of my past, my memory starts half a year ago. Since then- since then I’ve been trying to find out just who I was, who I’m supposed to be and do with my life. So I’m not the same person who betrayed you so horribly, not exactly. But I’m also not not the same person. That’s why you’re entirely entitled to resenting me for as long as you live.”

“Wasted too much time doing that already.”

“I thought that I had no actual bonds in the past. But at least for a while you were my friend while I was never yours. Somehow, that makes everything so much worse. Fighting a sworn enemy is one thing, going out of my way to hurt you under the cover of friendship is…monstrous.”

“It bothers you?”

“In more ways than one. And I can’t even tell what my reasons were. Why did I hurt you so badly? For the lols? Pure sadism? Because I could? Was it part of some highly convoluted plan? I can’t say.”

“Odds are you had all sorts of reasons but my guess would be, you did it because it was fun.”

Izaya smiled sadly.

“’Fun’, huh. Incidentally, I have no idea what ‘The Plan’ is all about. There are no records of it and I can’t even access most of the information I do have access to. In other words, ‘Orihara Izaya’ is mostly a paper tiger at the moment.”

“Why are you telling me all this now?”

Izaya had regained his poise completely but Shizuo was not entirely sure he cared for his attitude.

“You can ruin me by simply leaking this information. There would be some resistance, both Namie-san and Shiki-san would fight it but only to some extent. Once it becomes clear that the damage is irrevocable, which would happen the moment someone like, Aoba-kun gets holds of this, they would cut their losses and switch over to a person more useful than I.”

“Is this your idea of making it up to me?”

Izaya shrugged.

“I’m giving you the tools to destroy all that I’ve built. What you do with them is entirely up to you.”

“I’d like to think you’re doing this because you trust me but I know better.”

“Once my cover is blown I won’t be able to operate so I’ll end up disappearing from this city. It’s not that big a deal, it happens every single day and we do not even notice it.”

“I thought the choice was mine? What’s with this ‘when’ business?”

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Always Wanted a Girl Overflow

Overflow from


Prompt: Ok so I've read fics where Izaya's parents are mean like his father is really strict with him,and they are neglecting and ignoring him but I don't think I've read anything with his mother being crazy.

And by crazy I mean making him dress in girls' clothing.

Make it in high school days and surprise surprise Shizaya! (somehow) Let's have a slightly awkward Izaya because he doesn't want his crush seeing him dressed in the girl's clothes but lets have Shizuo be the great guy that he is and make Izaya feel better about himself and tell him he's only trying to please his mother.

smut and fluff are welcomed :)

Warnings: Not so fluffy.

Always Wanted a Girl [15/?]

I felt sick. Despite all the panic, fear and worry that bombed my stomach, I think I managed to keep a straight face. My entire body thudded painfully with my heart beat. If Gojira suddenly attacked Tokyo, I'd be crushed underfoot because I was too scared to run away.

This was the first time I had ever been recognized. I didn't think it could have been possible that anything could be worse than being stuck with my mother, but she actually protected me from this. Rin only interacted with strangers.

I couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t even meet Shizuo’s eyes anymore. I looked down at my purse and my trembling hands. The things inside were rattling against each other.

Shizuo broke the silence by clearing his throat. He blundered into the most blunt question he could ask,"Why...are you wearing a dress?" His question was so straight and simple, it miraculously freed my voice.

"I would rather not talk about it." I didn't want to start crying either even if the quaver in my voice told me that I was damn close to doing so. I had gotten from Shinjuku to Ikebukuro without shedding another single tear. I set my jaw. Not again.

His next question came even more awkwardly, "Did someone from Raijin do this?"

Ah! Now that would be a likely story. It was less mortifying than explaining that my mother likes putting me in dresses. I forced a laugh, in actuality, a giggle. "No, I dressed myself like this." I spun around, picked up a corner of my dress and curtseyed. I think I did it too well, too practiced, too ingrained. My performance leaves them stunned all the time.

"You skipped school for this...?" I heard some confusion in his voice, as he left the question hanging. His brow furrowed as he searched for a word to describe my deviancy.

No need to tax his brain. I flippantly waved my hand at the school building, "Can't you see I have more important things to do than go to school?" That was a little more bitter than I wanted. I was ready to leave, but Shizuo still stood in my way.

"Why are you here then?” It wasn’t any of Shizuo’s business. He wasn’t part of the disciplinary committee. He shouldn’t even care.

“Why not?” I smirked, finding a bit of my edge. "Perhaps I was doing something shady?"

"You're pissing me off." He was actually growling! What a beast!

"Don't even start." I shot back. "You don't even know me.”

Shizuo took in a sharp breath as I brushed past him. I marched off in the direction of the gate. The sudden crack in the air behind me startled me and the birds, but I wasn’t looking back. Once the birds flew off, I heard footsteps behind me, but I wasn’t going to stop either.

I didn't care whether he followed after me or not, but he did. The idiot. Didn't he have better things to do than chase me through Ikebukuro?

AN: After a death in the family, it felt like my muse died too. It's been way too long. I don't know if my OP is still around, but I finally feel like I can finish this story. Sorry about the wait.

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Always Wanted a Girl Overflow

Overflow from


Prompt: Ok so I've read fics where Izaya's parents are mean like his father is really strict with him,and they are neglecting and ignoring him but I don't think I've read anything with his mother being crazy.

And by crazy I mean making him dress in girls' clothing.

Make it in high school days and surprise surprise Shizaya! (somehow) Let's have a slightly awkward Izaya because he doesn't want his crush seeing him dressed in the girl's clothes but lets have Shizuo be the great guy that he is and make Izaya feel better about himself and tell him he's only trying to please his mother.

smut and fluff are welcomed :)

Warnings: Not so fluffy.

Re: Always Wanted a Girl Overflow

Meant to post story and double-posted when back-arrowing. Ignore this one please.

Relationship Rescue overflow

Overflow from:

Shizaya - Help/Advice from Oprah and Dr. Phil.

I'm serious. This is a serious prompt. Lol.
Let's say Shingen comes back from America to visit Shinra and the two come up with an amazing idea to drag Shizuo and Izaya to America to have their "problems" solved by Oprah and Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil pretty much bitch!slaps them both with his knowledge, and Oprah makes them cry, until they realize all of their animosity is because they have suppressed feelings for each other, and childhood baggage (i.e. Shizuo's insane strength, and Izaya's possible abandonment issiues).

BONUS: Shizuo doesn't speak English so he has almost no idea what's going on. Izaya tries to use this against him until Dr. Phil yells at him and forces him to be honest. (He can see through his lies).


Relationship Rescue 115

“Now, what everyone wants to know is…how lovey dovey are you guys these days? Huh?”

Dr. Phil leered at Izaya who batted his eyes most maiden-like.

“Actions speak louder than words and we already have a language barrier issue here. So,”

So Izaya hopped out of his chair and waltzed over to Shizuo’s, climbed on Shizuo’s lap and proceeded to give him a long, long kiss that took Shizuo completely by surprise.


“It’s like this, Phil-sensei!”

Izaya had decided that if you can’t beat them then you might as well join them. Since no amount of denial did anything to convince people that he was not in love with Shizuo, acting absolutely in love would at least keep everyone from teasing him. It was the only way of putting the North Korea fiasco aside, at any rate.

Dr. Phil’s eyes narrowed briefly for he could tell Izaya was up to something.

“I see. But keep in mind this is a family friendly show, m’kay? I keep having to remind you of that.”

Shizuo, for one, really needed the reminder. The translation reached him with only a few seconds of delay but was entirely lost on him. While not at all into public kink, Shizuo could and often did completely forget about his surroundings when hot sexing was involved. He did so now, already he had removed Izaya’s jacket and would have moved to the next item of clothing if not for Izaya jumping back to his chair.

“Huh?! Where the hell are you going, things were just about to get good- oh,”

Only now did Shizuo become once again aware of the people around him. He blushed on the spot, fumbled some, mumbled some more and settled for sullen silence.

“So as you can see, Shizuo and I are a wonderfully dedicated couple. By the way, if you want to shorten it you can just call it ‘Shizaya’! Neh?”

Dr. Phil bobbed his head up and down in lieu of nodding.

“Let me get this straight, you’re saying you guys are an actual couple, right? It’s not just a sex thing?”

“Why, that’s so rude of you to imply that homosexual relationships are devoid of love and merely a case of lust.”

“Hold on, now, hold on. No one said anything like that, m’kay? I’m not talking about gay people in general.”

Izaya’s eyes shimmered brightly.

“Oh? Is that so? You wouldn’t want to come across as intolerant, now would you? No antagonizing the LGBT community now.”

Dr. Phil knew this was a not too veiled threat which was typical Izaya behavior.

“LBT…? You wanna eat a sandwich now?!”

Shizuo was back to being intensely confused. Izaya and Dr. Phil promptly ignored him.

“So you’re saying you’re a loving couple?”

Izaya snapped his fingers and staff produced a table and calligraphy apparatus with which he busied himself writing as he answered.

“As in, [恋愛], ‘renai’. Most passionate love~. Shizu-chan, I was telling the good doctor here about how much we love each other.”

Izaya effortless switched languages mid-speech and showed him the large sheet of paper.

“Oh, right.”

Shizuo was about to try to push for more fooling around as the proper way of showing ‘love’ but Izaya cut him off.

“And do you know what people who are very much in love must never forget? Keeping their promises, Shizu-chan. I believe you promised you’d let me stomp all over you in the middle of Ikebukuro. Now’s the time for that. Rejoice, nothing is better than doing precisely what your beloved asks of you.”

Izaya’s smile was a thing of beauty and dripping sadism all over. He only wished he had settled on this tactic sooner, who knew that by harping on love he could demand things of Shizuo that would otherwise be completely impossible.

Shizuo paled. Up to this point he had completed forgotten all about this promise but he knew better than to try to escape.

“Sure, promises are real important.”

There was no other choice but to grit his teeth and go through it. Fortunately Izaya was very light and Shizuo was used to injuries. Shizuo was not exactly looking forward to it but he did not see its being all that painful considering that Izaya was such a lightweight.

“Yay! At first I thought I’d wear some high heels but then it hit me…soccer cleats is where it’s at, soccer cleats.”

Amazing! good work

Thank you so much for writing To Tame a Bitch! It's such an interesting thing to read because just the takes and how you portray everything, it was such an amazing and wild ride. Please take all of my praise and love<3 I love everything you write please keep up the amazing work~

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