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As always: anything goes, so don't be afraid to request what you want. Try to fill one for every one you request! And please read the rules before you post. :D

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additional details about the request.

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Pairing: Shizaya

I'd like to see shizaya story (shizuo seme) where it's based on the official military shizaya picture!

I want shizuo to be forced to kiss his boots. And izaya using his rider's crop and whip his bare sweating back somewhere in the story! And somehow shizuo saving bleeding and hurt izaya in the battlefield and carrying him back to safety! All sorts of military kinks!! They can slowly fall in love but in the beginning, i want to see power struggle!

Thank you!


Licking boot kink!

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New part!!

Uke Shizuo, not care with who or alone.

His rage has taken over his body feels.

Amazing a!a, take it however you like!!

Shizuke needs more love! Seconding

Tsukumoya Shinich and Celty

I guess this is a bit more gen than kink. i apologize. But if a!a wants to make it kinky go for it!

I just want a story where Tsukumoya Shinich is actually... AN ALIEN. And to Celty's dismay, she finds out there REALLY IS AN ALIEN.

I want to see their interaction and how Celty deals with this information! one shot or long fic, anything will be great!

Re: Tsukumoya Shinich and Celty

rare pairing is rare o.o

Tsukumoya Shinichi x Orihara Izaya

Sooooooooo.... I want an AU story where Tsukumoya Shinichi is A.I for Orihara Izaya! And I want the robot to possibly and slowly care for Izaya bit by bit

one shot or long fic anything is welcome! And robot kink would be loved!

Re: Tsukumoya Shinichi x Orihara Izaya



This was requested in the previously (I think) but never filled (or dropped i forget)

Basically, Tsukumoya Shinichi is Orihara Izaya FROM THE FUTURE. He had become an immortal and now lives in ALL time frame like a time lord? And he's here to either laugh at Izaya's mistakes or just be an annoying self since he knows all the screw ups Izaya will do and all the things he'll do to become... well, himself.



I think the other prompt was Shiki was from the future and it's Izaya... but don't quote me on it. Regardless, sounds good. Seconding.

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Shingeki no Kyojin Crossover!

Durarara characters in SNK setting! Wall of Maria is breached by Titans! (or anything you desire. aliens or whatever. ) I'd like to see all the Durarara cast battle them out and struggle!

It'd be nice to see Shizaya-esque with Irvin Smith and Rivaille combo team (since they have the same voice actors) but it's not necessary. I will leave it up to the author if they want Shizaya in the story or not. I just want a crossover. Thank you!

Re: Shingeki no Kyojin Crossover!

I also like the idea of Izaya titan and Shizuo/eren going KILL KILL KILL I AM GONNA KILL YOU!!!

There really are ghosts.

So there really ARE ghosts in Durarara universe. And somehow Izaya got cursed. Izaya's desperately trying to survive.... but how do you fight against an undead?

I'm curious how Izaya manages this!

Re: There really are ghosts.

Wow I just requested a request where Izaya is haunted by ghosts and it's comment number 13. That's almost too fitting.

Izaya gets his wish come true. (I'm guessing something like immortality) Or has a power to get his wish come true. But like monkey's paw, after every wish, things go wrong. HORRIBLY wrong each time. I just want to see Izaya trying to fix it but his wishes and dreams spiral out of control.




Shizuo and Izaya have been sleeping together (only to vent their frustrations) ever since high school but now, Shizuo tries entering a serious relationship and Izaya one finds himself jealous.

Smexy punishment ensues.

(preferably Izuo but you can reverse this whole thing and write Shizaya too)


Wah, Izuo needs more love! Seconding.

Shy doesn't mean innocent

Roppi x Tsuki

Shy doesn't mean innocent/pure/naïve

Basic idea: Tsuki is really shy in front of others, but behind closed doors and alone, he's a pervert who dreams (and read/watch porn) of having a "master" who'll make/force him do things Tsuki doesn't dare to try just for him, but for a "master"...

So, what happens when Roppi finds out about this secret part os his friend?

Re: Shy doesn't mean innocent

I like your idea OP-san. Seconding

Writing Checks and Cosplay

Izaya x Namie

Izaya being Izaya forces/tricks/reminds her who is writing her checks Namie to dress up as a sexy maid while she does work for him and perhaps other cosplay roles i.e. sexy secretary etc. Cosplaying Namie is hot and smut is always approved.


Izaya becomes a doll. Shizuo picks him up (I don't know why, maybe to give the doll to his brother? Or because it touch his heart? Or because it looks like Izaya-kun? It really is up to the author).

Anyway, from here author has two choices. Either Izaya can speak mentally to Shizuo (scenario 1), or Izaya turns into 'human' again in some specific time (scenario 2).

(This happens during their school life, whether they had met or hadn't is up to the author)

Bonus if: (scenario 2 only)
- The doll has animal characteristic and Izaya, when he turns into 'human', retained those characteristics. ex: Izaya with cat ears, tail, whiskers, or sharp teeth.
- Izaya is naked every time he turns human, because his clothes stay small.

very far in the future a!a

Months from now when I have the time, I will fill this request. I'd be doing that second scenario, and sorry that it's gonna be so long - just thought I'd say so so that OP knows someone's interested. I'd love to read someone else's fill! :D

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Roll the dice

Shinra invites Izaya Shizuo and Kadota over for some drinks, and for old times. Izaya brings a pair of foreplay dice with him. And suggest the game and picking names from a hat.

"who's ever name you draw that is who you have to do the action too."

Many pairings (not Just Shizaya)

Action dice: Kiss, Lick,Suck, Tease, Tickle, Touch, Massage and ?
Body part dice: Toes, Fingers, Lips, Nipples, Organ(you know what it means), Neck, Ears and ?

The "?" Means Whatever, like wild card.

Bonus points:
If it ends as Shizdota
If Shinra becomes obsessed with Kadota's and Shizuo's bodies.
Shizuo upset everytime he gets Izaya's name.

Re: Roll the dice

One question; is 'Shizdota' ShizuoxIzayaxKadota or ShinraxIzayaxKadota?

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Cyber Smex

Okay, this has probably been done before, but colour me not caring.

How about some early series, like just after Mikado moves to Ikebukero, cyber smut between Kanra, Taro Tanaka and Setton? Points for confusion over everyone's gender, bad pick up lines and general humor.

Re: Cyber Smex

Want for the bad pick up lines!

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Pairing: Shizaya

I would love to see a story where Shizuo and Izaya end up on the same airplane/subway/bus somehow and there's only one seat left. Shizuo grabs it, but Izaya refuses to lose so he sits on Shizuo's lap. Shizuo then secretly pulls both their jeans down slightly and bounces Izaya on his lap (aka sex). Izaya then has to try and keep quiet.

- Shizuo being a tease
- Use of cock ring



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