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Please put the original URL to your request somewhere in the first part of the fic, just so people a) know what it's for and b) to make things easier for russia_sushi-tachi. Thank you!

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congraz on moving on to a part 11 :D


overflow for UNSHEATHED
Shiki x Izaya

prompt" I'd like a ShikixIzaya, in which Shiki is the "experienced adult" who has Izaya in the palm of his hand. In my headcanon Shiki is one cool BAMF, and I'd love to see that playing out against Izaya's manipulativeness.

The timeline can be during the present or the Raijin period.


Unsheathed 17/?

“Look here, Orihara… kun.” Shiki folded his hands and tucked them under his chin as he glared at the teen with a mischievous gleam in his eyes.

“We can start all over from the beginning until it’s time for your class the next morning, or you spill what your involvement is with this.”

The high schooler just shrugged.

“If you keep this up…” Shiki started but Izaya cut him off boldly.

“How about we strike a deal?”

“A deal?” Shiki had to raise an eyebrow. This boy was bold. Not only bold, but also got a couple screws loose up there. Either he was a genius or an imbecile who didn’t understand his situation.

“Yes, a deal. I’ll tell you how I saved your ass, in fact, I’ll save your ass again this time too. But in exchange, I’d like to be compensated this time. I thought I would work for you for free since you were so entertaining, but not anymore. There’s only so much you can push me around until I start biting back.” The highschool boy’s lips split into a grin equal of a Cheshire cat despite this dire situation.

The executive was used to people begging for mercy, he was used to people sprouting ridiculous excuses. This offer took him by surprise.

“And, if I don’t take this deal?” Shiki leaned over from his couch, facing the boy.

“Well, it's not my life Shiki-san~ What do I got to lose?” The boy leaned forward with a shit-eating grin as his eyes glowed intensely.

‘This kid is crazy.’ Shiki thought for the umpteenth time. He considered calling the kid bluff and then go back to plan one, or perhaps even raise the level of the torture.

However, his thoughts were cut off by a sudden deafening sound as the room was thrown into chaos within seconds. To their side, the windows exploded into pieces, bullets whizzed through embedding themselves in the wall and people all the same. Men shouted as they took cover. The two body guards quickly grabbed Shiki’s head and dropped him under the table, trying to cover their boss. Izaya too took cover under the coffee table that was between them and giggled.

“Oh look, they came. Kinda earlier than I expected.”

“You!” Amongst the adrenaline rush, fear, and unimaginable fury, Shiki grabbed Izaya’s collar and hauled him across the gap. “You know something. What the hell is all of this?”

“First, the deal. Do you want me to save your ass Shiki-san? Even though you’ve raped mine.”

Shiki glared at him for a second as the bullets continued to rain down. In that split second, he decided he too must be insane if he had to trust this scoundrel to save his life again.

“Fine Orihara-kun. I’ll make that deal.”

Izaya smiled. He leaned forward and caught the executive by surprise as he kissed him. No, he bit his lips hungrily. Shiki cursed as he pulled away.

“The hell?!”

Izaya licked his lips which was smeared with Shiki’s blood.

“It will be my pleasure.”

Unsheathed 18/?


By the time Akabayashi had come with his reinforcement, everything was mostly under control. There weren’t that many men and when the red head came, everyone scattered. The kanbu in a gaudy red shirt and clean black suit kicked away the debris as he walked up the stairs to the room where Shiki was located.

However, he did not expect the kid to be in the same room with Shiki.

“Why’s the kid here?”

The kanbu in the white suit which was now slightly dirtied, rolled his eyes at his comrade’s comment.

“I should just throw him in Tokyo Bay.” He muttered.

Akabayashi burst out laughing as he sat across from Shiki. “That’s a good one. The kid must be extraordinary if he knows how to push your buttons.” Akabayashi raised his hand and gestured when Shiki gave him a deadly glare.

“The kid was tapping my subordinates as well as the enemy’s cell phones. He was able to track all their moves for awhile, as well as ours.”

“Then you’re punishing him for being a good informant? I don’t know, Shiki-no-danna. Sounds pretty harsh to me.” Akabayshi poked at the boy with his cane. The boy was beaten unconscious again… or so he thought. He wasn’t quite sure if the boy was raped until he fainted instead. But there were fresh bruises and blood. “And I heard that you had made some sort of contract with him. I thought you were a man of your words.”

“I am. He never said I couldn’t get my men to beat him for tapping them.”

Akabayashi whistled. “And? There’s more I take it?”

“I also got the men who had been tapped so easily without notice whipped as well. They should know better.” Shiki shrugged, scowling.

“Well, I hope it was worth it, kid.” Akabayashi tapped the unconscious boy with the cane again. “Getting beaten for seeing Shiki perturbed. It’s a rare sight even for me.” The man chuckled and immediately backed away as Shiki glared another warning.

“Well I’ll be leaving now then.” Akabayashi said as he got up. He turned to ask one last question before he left. “What are you planning to do with the kid?”

Shiki looked at him from the corner of his eyes, “That’s none of your concern, Akabayashi.”

“Yes, yes. I’ll be taking my leave. Call me~” Akabayashi winked before he left.

Shiki grunted as he looked back at the bloodied kid.

“Clean the boy and put him on bed.” He ordered before getting up. He had a lot of cleaning business to do.

Unsheathed 19/?


Leaning back in his chair, the Yakuza’s eyes wander over the papers in his hands, his eyes stern as he carefully leafed through the documents. The young boy had woken up awhile ago but continued to pretend to be asleep as he peeked at the kanbu at work.

“I know you’re awake.” Shiki didn’t even bother looking up from his work where he sat by the conference table surrounded by paperwork.

“Haha… I can’t get past Shiki-san in anything.” Izaya finally sat up and stretched, his eyes smiling like a Cheshire cat. The Yakuza couldn’t help but feel something was off about this boy. Something was clearly abnormal about this body, a thing or two were either missing, broken, or loose, inside him. No person who was abused this much should be smiling so eerily as if without concern. He refused to be broken by whatever Shiki threw at him, as if all the prior ‘tortures’ were too base, and had yet to hit his weak spot.

Weak spot… that was what was missing about this boy. Whether he was physically abused or psychologically threatened, Izaya took it as if it didn’t bother him at all.

Shiki went back to focusing on his paperwork, he will figure out this boy, eventually. Although it wasn’t his priority at the moment. With a sigh, the executive dropped the paperwork on the table, leaning back before rubbing his temple.

“Where’s that translator? I asked for him an hour ago.” Shiki barked at a subordinate near the door who who quickly jolted with a combination of surprise and fear..

“H-he should be arriving soon, boss.”

“Well he’s late.” Shiki dug in his pocket for his cigarettes before placing one on his lips.. He reached for his lighter, only to feel the weight of the couch sink next to him as the boy sat. Izaya quickly grabbed the lighter before Shiki could, taking it upon himself to light the elder’s cigarette while giving him a self-satisfied smile.

“Well perhaps I could help. I’m fluent in English.” Izaya smiled as innocently as a viper.

Shiki’s grey eyes turned to look at him as he took a drag of his cigarette stick. That boy’s body should be sore right now.

“It’s Russian.” Shiki commented as he inhaled deeply and released it directly at Izaya’s face. He watched with inward smirk to note the boy cough once again. It seemed he wasn’t a smoker at all.

“W-well, I’m also fluent in Russian.” Izaya spoke between coughs. Leaning forward and reaching for the paperwork before Shiki swiped it away.

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no title (Shizaya, Kasuka)

Original prompt:

Kasuka/Izaya + Shizuo; Shizaya - revenge sex, toys, voyeurism

My request is Shizaya, formed relationship, both live together, and Shizuo hardly goes outside anymore due to extremely kinky-kinky time with Izaya all the time.

Kasuka of course is worried and goes over to check on his brother, believing Izaya is tricking him into everything, and discovers them in the middle of perhaps a drug fetish game with Shizuo all drugged up?

Anyway, Kasuka freaks out and knocks out Izaya and "rescues" Shizuo, with the intent of raping Izaya with a ton of different kinky toys they have as revenge for "defiling" his older brother. =3

Bonus points if he does it all in front of Shizuo in the hopes of "breaking" him of the "delusion" Izaya has put him under. X3

Wow, I feel dirty now. >.>

Re: no title (Shizaya, Kasuka)

*internally laughing at poor Izaya*
Yes, please!! Someone fill this amazing prompt!

Re: no title (Shizaya, Kasuka)

You need to find the newest request post and leave this there.

From the Outside [part 1/?]

They stopped needing the blindfold some time ago.

Shizuo can barely see through the drug-induced haze. The edges of Izaya’s couch closest to his vantage point on the floor are more firm than fuzzy, but otherwise, the details of the information dealer’s apartment blur like the unimportant backdrop they are.

The only thing that matters is the pleasure Izaya gives him.

His dark-haired lover is murmuring sweet things in his ear. The flea’s mouth never stops running and it never stops irritating Shizuo. Even though they’ve hammered out the better part of the jagged edges between them, there are still rough spots that cause irritation. Those edges soften and blur in the haze of sex, or drugs or both, just like his eyesight.


Izaya’s hot breath in his ear sends a pulse of thick arousal into his cock. Whatever shit the flea gave him this time hasn’t interfered with his ability to get hard. His cock’s been ridden already and the sloppy patch of come on his abdomen is proof of Izaya’s pleasure as well as his own.

“Is my monster hard again?” Izaya snickers, reaching down to play with the head of Shizuo’s interested cock. He presses his small naked body against his lover, resting his head in the crook of Shizuo’s neck.

Shizuo tries to grunt, but he can’t even speak. They didn’t use a ball gag this time, but the drugs retard his tongue.

“You’re so amusing like this, Shizu-chan,” Izaya whispers twisted words of endearment into his ear. He hates how they make his cock stiffen every time despite the annoyance. “All mine, to do whatever I want with.”

“Just try to stop me,” Izaya commands, his lips curling into a smile and then a biting kiss that digs into his neck. “Try.”

Strain as he might, Shizuo cannot escape the simple ropes binding his slowly-numbing arms. The drugs make him incapable of violence; they fix him. He can’t hurt Izaya when he’s like this.

“Try harder, you monster,” Izaya’s voice gets mean and Shizuo’s rage sparks. But his body can't move.

“Don’t you want to tear me apart, Shizu-chan?” Izaya goads. “I want you to try to rip me to shreds. You’re so glorious like that, Shizu-chan. Like a real monster.”

What Izaya says is cruel, but his hands speak the language of pleasure as they slide over his engorged cock.

Shizuo knows Izaya loves his violence, if only for the thrill it gives him. He wouldn’t have irritated him for years otherwise. What exactly his lover gets out of these drug sessions he isn’t sure and doesn’t really want to know. That Shizuo gets peace out of them is enough.

Izaya’s nimble fingers continue to flicker over his cock; other fingers massage the delicate skin between his balls and hole. The other man is playing with him, setting his body on fire, and Shizuo only grows harder through the expert touch.

“Yes, drool, Shizu-chan,” Izaya smiles wildly as he licks the wet spittle. “Like a racehorse straining. My animal.”

Pictures from collective networks

Enchanting self shots
most erotic films the life erotic erotic theater erotic museum

Original prompt from Part 4:

Shizaya - no condom

Shizaya (yeah I know lol)

Izaya wants Shizuo to put on a condom during sex because he hates having to wash himself out all the time.

At first Shizuo obliges, but then takes it off when Izaya's not noticing and fucks him while holding him down despite Izaya's protests once he realizes Shizuo's gone back on his word.

And then Shizuo ejaculates into him repeatedly just because he can. Oh yay.

Bareback in Ikebukuro [part 1/3]

The small colorful plastic package slapped against the love hotel’s bed.

“Ribbed on BOTH sides, Shizu-chan,” Izaya said curtly. “Please use one.”

The blond bartender glanced at the condoms. “No.”

“Shizuo, you do know there is such a thing as consent?” Izaya said, hands on his hips and annoyed to be having this conversation again. “I’ve told you repeatedly that I dislike having your monstrous seed run out of me for hours every time we tryst.”

“Shut up, I said I’m not interested in wearing ‘em,” Shizuo gruffed.

Izaya resisted the urge to fling a knife the way of his sometimes-lover sometimes-enemy. Instead he simply made to leave. “I hate you, Shizu-chan. You’re not getting to screw this wonderful specimen of a human being tonight. Have fun masturbating your monster dick all by yourself!”

Before Izaya was out the door, predictably, Shizuo growled and threw Izaya to the bed. Izaya would have resisted…if only Shizuo’s preposterous strength wasn’t such an overwhelming turn-on. Shamefully, Izaya’s cock became a red-hot rod anchoring him in place. Shizuo seemed to be in a similar aroused state. He quickly stripped Izaya of his pants and lowered his own enough to draw out his dick.

“I feel so desired being tossed around and stripped,” Izaya chirped sarcastically. “You really know the way to a girl’s heart, Shizu-chan. Or I guess you don’t, considering you've never had a girlfriend. I suppose that’s why you’ve never learned to use condoms.”

Rewarded with being shoved deeper into the mattress by strong hands, Izaya found the air knocked out of him and a hungry beast licking at his genitals.

“Breathtaking, Shizu-chan,” he giggled.

There was no shame in getting hard from Shizu-chan’s efforts. Izaya did it all the time, after all. Plus, the chain-smoker’s oral fixation was well put to use on Izaya’s cock. All those motor skills honed on tonguing tobacco sticks weren’t going to waste. If only Izaya’s constant pestering hadn’t made Shizu-chan even more unapproachable than the stoic-at-best blond already was, someone else might have benefited from Shizu-chan’s exquisitely profound oral fixation. (Here's looking at you, Tom Tanaka.) As it was, that tongue belonged solely to Izaya Orihara.

Stiff and buzzy when Shizuo unlatched his gifted sucker, Izaya couldn’t help reaching down to finger himself. It was a pleasure that all the sex with Shizuo had given him a distinct taste for. Whether or not a cock followed was irrelevant.

“What’re you doing?” Shizuo frowned. “Thought you didn’t want to fuck.”

“I’m simply enjoying myself,” Izaya breathed heavily, smiling. “Though I’ll be well prepared should you change your protozoan brain and wear protection.”

He could basically see the gears turning in Shizuo’s stupid brain. Honestly, the man was so easy to read.

As Shizuo ripped off a condom and tore open the package with a frown, Izaya purred, “So you’ve decided to at least act like a human instead of a beast.”

“How the hell does this go on?” Shizuo complained, latex sheath hovering above his considerable length.

“Stop, I’m sure your beastly strength will break it,” Izaya sighed. He shooed away Shizuo’s useless hands and rolled the condom down the familiar shaft. The fit was tight, and the blood-filled flesh smashed dramatically against latex confines. He was a bit sorry for Shizuo, but more than adequately turned on by the sight of his lover’s excessively virile member.

A strong hand pressed Izaya down onto all fours. It was a rather common position for them; he loved how he got to enjoy Shizuo’s cock without having to deal with the monster’s stupid face. And did he mention how deep Shizuo could get when Izaya was bent over?

The first thrusts did not disappoint. Never one for taking things slowly, Shizuo set an excruciating pace, one that Izaya was never prepared for, no matter how many times he was fucked. The monster’s cock so thoroughly filled him that he felt well-used after just a few thrusts.

The sensory overload took him deep into a place of ecstasy that only Shizuo could bring him. He couldn’t do anything while taking Shizuo’s cock, just receive the waves of pleasure and warmth rolling over him.

Masaomi/Anri, fighting is hot

Original prompt:

"Lol, I haven't requested het in forever but anon was recently converted to liking Kida/Anri.

So, can I get something with them together?

I'm okay with most anything, but anon wouldn't mind if Kida ended up seeing Anri kick quite a few yellow scarves asses was seriously turned on by that (although equally horrified since he'd thought she was weak).

Writer anon could skip to smut or whatever there, but OP would LOVE if they fought physically first. (I don't care who wins, though probably Kida since I don't think Anri would want to cut him and convert him to being one of Saika's children?)"

Better to make (out) than fight anyways [1/5]

It was really dark. Places where fifteen-year-olds shouldn't be at this time of the evening.

Dark, indeed, but the light was just enough that he could tell who this girl was. She was unmistakable to him.

They stared into each other deeply, a mere inch apart, heartbeats resounding heavy and in unison where their wrists dangled and met.

Masaomi wished he didn't have to say this, not where he was, not like this. "... Anri?"

Her eyes parted from him, as if she cowered a little. Not because of him, perhaps, but because of the responses, the reasons she wasn't ready to give.

He really doesn't want her to be scared of him, though maybe considering she's here into their territory for whichever reason, should he be the one scared instead? He can't wrap his mind around that.

"I don't know why you're here, I don't know how- how you know. But if you're worried about me, then don't be." Kida says softly, unable to read her.

The background noise is that of running footsteps, of all the Yellow Scarves members who are still out looking in the night, for this one girl who's come to spy on them.

So before he can speak, even move, she puts a hand to his mouth, and it surprises him how he doesn't flinch, how he feels no opposition to this at all.

"This is... no time to talk, Kida-kun. Sorry." Sonohara looks down, doesn't know what else to say. She gives him a last look, as though willing him to understand, before slipping away from the slim space.

The blond stood still, as if frozen by the rush of everything caught up to now. Why would she be here? This is not... how he wanted her to know, if at all, and had she known longer? His head came to rest on the wall in front of him, as if the weight of his thoughts brought it there.

"It's the Slasher!" The alarmed voice brought Masaomi back into reality, into the tight container alley where he was still hidden.

He pulled up the metal-beam-made-weapon that had long been dropped, walking out into the larger area. The light from outside the warehouse got to here faintly. Hurried scurrying and battle noises caught up his senses, and his legs led him to where he could hear them.

Masaomi's breath stuck in his throat when he did get to the scene.

Never had he really entertained the thought of Anri fighting, getting physical and fierce. He wonders if he should have. There's a beauty to her movements, the sparse kicks and many more dodges and off-backing. His eyes follow the bounces and the muscle of her legs and he has to swallow dryly, excitement and fear coming to boil inside him.

She looks - gorgeous like that. Graceful and firm and wielding the katana that must someway be connected to that slasher title; defending herself in a way Masaomi had never entertained. The blade was long and forced his boys to keep their distance, to think thrice before trying anything with her.

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