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merry christmas + happy holidays readers/writers! i hope that your day was well spent, whether you celebrate or not~
for me, when i started this meme, i didn't expect to get as huge of a response on it as i have and in the spirits of the holidays, i'd like to thank the readers and writers who keep this meme going!

but on to the real deal. okay so everybody knows about the fact that lj is a complete douche and decided to change the comment pages. this inconvenienced a lot of people and because of it, we have gotten a few suggestions to move ~drrrkink to a site other than lj.

today, i set up a dreamwidth account (~drrrkinkmod only b/c ~drrrkink was already taken.. lmao) and i wanted some input on this. what do you guys think? should the whole kink move to dreamwidth? if you don't know what dreamwidth is, please google it. JKS lmao it's basically a site exactly like lj, so navigating around it will be simple.

if a lot of people want this option than i will move the whole kink there (dreamwidth has an import option to import all the entries + comments from lj to dreamwidth, though idk exactly how long that'll take.)
however, if people want it to stay on lj, it'll stay.

tbh idk why people would have a problem with moving it to dreamwidth since you're all pretty much anon and don't have to login or anything but just throwing this out there.

so give me some opinions on this! should we stay or should we go?

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I don't have a problem with the meme moving over due to LJ stupid actitude.

It's time consuming and nerve consuming trying to find someway to 'fix' LJ stupid 'improvements' to it, so maybe moving is really the best option.

My only suggestion is not to delete this journal when moving over, and keep it as a copy of the new active meme at DW.

And now:

Happy Holidays!!

Definitely not deleting this lj if we do move! I did not even think about that hehe.

Stay! :(

TBH, I don't like DW and have a hard enough time remembering to check up on the meme when it's here on LJ. It'd slip my mind completely if it were moved, likely.

Tbh that was one of my concerns too, since the only time I remember to use lj is if they email me notifs lmao. I was opposed with moving at first, but since everybody i know is pretty much using it and a lot of people suggest it i thought it wouldn't be bad to give it a try, but personally I would want to stick to the comforts of lj, all of it's shitty updates and all but we'll see!

Move there, but don't delete this lj. There's always a possibility of new intelligent CEO...

Yeah, I actually believe that the people who changed lj will realize that they did something incredibly stupid and change it back lol but this journal will still be here if the move goes on!

Personally, I see LJ a lot more comfortable, especially as someone who is neither familiar nor savvy with Dreamwidth but has been a part of the kink meme since its heyday. However, I know that the meme is becoming difficult now because, even with subject lines back, threads are now harder if they get too long (pun sort of intended lol).

I would say, stay and wait it out, but if LJ doesn't realize how idiotic they've been or somehow makes things even worse, we may have to move.

One of my concerns is, what happens to in-progress fics in the case that we move?

that's what i thought at first as well, that if we moved to another site that people aren't comfortable with then people would lose interest.

however, people started to leave suggestions to moving to a new base, so i wanted to see what other people thought about it!

i originally planned on waiting it out (because i'm a hopeful individual) but if people want to temporarily move for the time being than that's fine with me too, though it's a lot of work and idk what will happen if lj DOES decide to change itself back.

with on-going fics, as i said, all of the comments will be imported to dreamwidth, so the fic will also be there, the only trouble with that is that you'll have to find the comment again. however, i'm pretty sure (not 100% tho) that dreamwidth comment pages are exactly like lj's so whatever page it is here, it'll be the same there!

I vote that we stay. Mostly because I'm much more used to LJ than I am Dreamwidth and I think that there are a lot of people who feel the same way. For now, we can try and tough it out and see if LJ smartens up, but if worst comes to worst, I suppose we'll just have to pack up and move. ):

Personally I'd rather stay, since I have never even heard of Dreamwidth before this psa lol. But since it's unknown whether this problem will be fixed, if ever, I think it's a good suggestion.

One thing that might make the transition easier, if it becomes needed, is to make a dummy account first on Dreamwidth and see how it works and what differs from LJ. That way, people who want to stay with the meme but are unfamiliar with a new site can move more easily.

I'd rather stay, honestly. LJ can be a douche, sometimes, but I'm not really comfortable with Dreamwidth. I'm sorry for the lack of good reasons, but it's easier for me to check on LJ than on Dreamwidth. :/

With this opportunity, I also want to thank you for creating this meme! :D

Even though I would love to say 'yes' to mass walkout on lj (it seems a lot of other groups are talking about the same thing), I'm not so sure about Dreamwidth. I created an account and added the drrrkinkmod to my circle, whatever that means, but when I went to post on the comment I noticed something. They log ip addresses! Not cool.

Other than that it seems to work in much the same way as lj so if it happens at least it'll be a smoother transition. Probably lose a lot of people though :(.

(mod too lazy to log in)
as of right now, it seems that people want to stay on lj due to the fact that we're all used to it! the only problem is that people aren't used to other sites besides lj, so it's difficult to transition without losing people lol

also, it logs ip addresses because i didn't turn the option off~

Move. Please?
It doesn't seem like it will get better, and apparantly the owners of LJ don't care about their userbase anymore.
And right now Dreamwidth has open registration. Though not for long.
Seriously, I don't think we have an option after I read stuff on Fandom!secrets.

As of right now, as majority of the comments, we're staying! I know that it may not get better, but we'll stick it out and see.

lmao um sorry about taking drrrkink on DW - I am more than happy to give you access to it as an admin (since it's a comm iirc) so it can be used for full meme purposes, if that makes things better/easier/whatever!

I would love to see it move just because i'm sick of LJ's shit and the more momentum we get making the transition, the more people will move following that (if that makes sense). in a way we are lucky since LJ durarara!! fandom is so centered on the meme and we have more of a packaged, transportable fandom than something deep-entrenched and sprawling like supernatural or something.

(and fwiw I've staked out russia_sushi on DW too so no matter where you go we'll be there to update!)

LMAO it's alright, the name isn't important~

I don't mind it moving either, since the majority of lj users are moving as well, but some people who only use lj for the meme don't feel comfortable as of right now to movin), since they like the familiar site of lj (though it may not be familiar for long haha_. We'll stick it out for a while to see how much lj really likes it's users lol.

and thanks for the work on russia_sushi, we've appreciated the time and effort you all put into updating it ♥

I'd rather not move, for various reasons. Would it be possible just to have the meme go on both sites? I don't know how much that would complicate archiving, though.

It's not hard to have a meme go on more than one site, however the complications towards the archiving would be a problem. To have to keep up with two separate memes to keep updated takes a lot of work. As well, users of either sites may miss out on various fics being written as well. To me, it is pointless to have a meme on two different sites at once, since people who want to read would have to check two different post as opposed to just checking through one.

But as of right now, we're staying on lj!

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