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Abusive Relationship

I don't believe this has been requested before or I'm just blind from excessive porn :P

Izaya is involved in an abusive relationship and Shizuo can't stand the "fucking flea" being mistreated like that even if it's him.
- please make it as IC as possible; the guy (higher up mafia guy?) have leverage over Izaya that made resistance impossible (his sisters under hostage?)
- Izaya is ashamed of his status and would rather DIE than reveal what's happening to him. Bit by bit Shizu-chan noticed the numerous wounds are not just caused from their fights.
- slow development is slow: Usual hate/kill on site -> rage on that flea's behalf -> grudging respect -> budding companionship -> tiny flame of like?

Bonus if there's a gang rape scene with mafia group?
Double bonus if it's related to Shizu-chan and Izaya suffers for it.

Make it heartbreakingly-hurt and cavity-inducing comfort anons!

Re: Abusive Relationship

So, does OP want Shizuo and Izaya to end up together or not?

Re: Abusive Relationship (Anonymous) Expand

Re: Abusive Relationship

I really want this one ^_^ going to absolutely love the anon to fill this.

Re: Abusive Relationship

Ano...although it's been a while since this has been requested, I would really like to fill this!
I'm afraid that the 'bad guy' will probably have to be Shiki, because I'm a bitch for Shikizaya turning into Shizaya :D ever since 'Filled to the brim' I am anyway...
So, I'll be working on this and hope that someone will read it.

Re: Abusive Relationship

Okay, here I go. Cannot promise regular updates, but I'll try to write as much as I possibly can :D

The sun burned down on the city, the birds chirped innocently, despite there being not many trees around, and Orihara Izaya felt like everything in his proximity was trying to laugh at him and mock his current state.

With sweaty palms, he smoothed his slightly torn shirt, before closing the zipper of his favorite jacket to hide the bruises littering his neck and the purpleish bitemarks on his collarbone and chest.

He was a mess, and he knew it. Usually, he wasn’t left in this state. Sometimes, he was even shown enough mercy to be dropped off at his apartment after the ‘meetings’, or at least allowed to take a shower to wash away blood and other fluids, to give him at least some kind of semblance of relief.

Not so this time. With a snickering laugh, he had been shoved out the door to the Awakusu-kai and left out on the street.

The sun was burning every inch of him and his already sweaty hair began to dampen again. The dull throbbing in his skull evolved into a full blown headache because of the sun’s blinding light, and he felt tingling waves of nausea ripple through his stomach.

Cynicism always had his back, and a smile was tugging at the corners of his mouth, albeit weak.

Using the hand he could still move somewhat properly without it feeling like the limb itsself was going to fall off, he wiped his face, making sure to get rid of the crusted blood, which had dried messily from his nostrils down to his chin.

After he decided he looked somewhat decent, so that his beloved humans wouldn’t have to worry about him, or try to attack him now that they thought he was weak, he tried his best to walk without limping.

Some of the people passing by shot him curious looks of recognition. Many of his dear humans were interested in him, almost as much as he was fascinated by them. The usual crowds that might have looked like a dull gray mass of people to anyone else, faceless and uninteresting, consisted of so many interesting individuals to him, he would have liked to have the time, and energy, to talk to and see through all of them. Another reason that made him so desperate for immortality.

Pushing his useful hand into the pocket of his jacket, he pulled out his cellphone, looking through a few text messages waiting to be read and answered. Maybe he was just trying to distract himself, but he pushed the thought back, because he was not like the humans around him, who needed to distract themselves from unpleasant events to block them out. Then again, denial was another thing humans were so very good at, and so prone to doing.

Anon!Author has to take a shower now and will probably update tomorrow-ish.

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Re: Abusive Relationship (Anonymous) Expand
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Re: Abusive Relationship (Anonymous) Expand
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You're just so pretty in your pain [2/?]

Forgot about changing the subject on the first part OTL...forgive me, pretty please? And omg guys, thank you for all your comments! Didn't think so many people would even notice that this is being filled^^

One of the text messages caught his eye, simply because he knew the number it came from by heart, without even having to look at the contact’s name to recognize who it was from.

Hey, Iza-nii, Heiwajima-san said he would let us meet Yuhei-san if we managed to make you kill yourself in front of him. Since you stood me and Kuru-nee up on dinner last week, this would be the perfect chance to redeem yourself, don’t you think?! The one and only, Orihara Mairu.

And yes, in a way, that stung. More than the cuts and bruises littering his body. And it bothered him even more to know that Mairu and Kururi seemed so dead serious about this too.

Sometimes he wondered, what exactly they would do if he really did as they seemed to wish and killed himself.

He granted himself only a few seconds to dwell on this, before he inwardly shook his head. He was no victim here, the girls had their reasons to think lowly of him.

And he would never ever let them know that said day last week, a gun had been pressed to his temple, forcing him to follow a dark figure into a black car, which took him to one of the Awakusu-kai’s bases, from where he had been incapable of leaving for well over two days.

It was worrying, how the intervals between those meetings grew shorter and shorter.

“-won’t kill you. Promise! Just try once. Sushi tasty-” Simon’s voice was both comforting, as it was alerting. Comforting, because Izaya had been locked up for three days and hadn’t been able to contact anyone who didn't want to hurt him, and alerting, because this meant he had to put up his best facades. The Russian man knew him and, although Izaya didn’t like to admit it, could see through him to a certain degree.

“I-za-ya.” The Russian overpronounced his name and waved at him.

“Yo.” Izaya greeted, a soft smile on his face, that hurt his lips.

“Come to eat sushi? Sushi good for you!” Simon’s horrible Japanese soudned ridiculous, but Izaya found it less amusing today than he usually did.

“Aw, I’m kinda busy. Maybe next time.” He answered.

“Ran out of soy sauce today. Use mayonaise instead to flavor sushi. Sure you don’t want to try?”

“No, thanks.” Merely thinking about food made his stomach turn. Swallowing a few times, his face briefly contorted, before he managed to look the tall man in the face again.

Simon frowned slightly, and Izaya immediately knew that the Russian had noticed his change in expression.

“You’re very thin, Izaya, you have to take better care of yourself.” The change in language was something Izaya had anticipated just as much as what Simon had to say.

“I’ve always been thin, I just have a fast metabolism.” He contered in fluent Russian.

Simon leaned down to be on eyelevel with him, and put a hand on his shoulder. Izaya winced just barely, his eyebrows twitching. It just so happened that he had a pretty painful burn on the shoulder Simon had decided to touch.

“Are you in pain?” The russian man frowned in concern, pulling his hand away, and Izaya kept himself from showing any sign of surprise or alarm. He was starting to feel even more queasy.

“Huh? Of course not, what makes you think something like that?” Izaya smiled playfully. Simon didn’t seem completely convinced.

“You move differently than usual. I know pain when I see it, and you look like some kind of beat up kitten.” Simon nodded to himself a couple of times, and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

Izaya wasn’t too sure whether he should laugh or frown at the whole ‘kitten’ metaphor.

“You worry too much.” Izaya concluded in Russian, before switching back to Japanese and therefore gaining somewhat of an advantage over Simon. “Gotta go now. I have tons of things to do today.”

It took a few seconds for Simon to reach the conclusion that maybe it was best for him if he didn’t concern himself with whatever was wrong with the informant.

“Come for sushi soon, okay?” he asked.

“Sure, sure. Bye-biiiii~” With a last wave, Izaya walked away, his smile falling slowly. He felt Simon’s stare on his back until he had turned right the next corner.

You're just so pretty in your pain [3/?]

Frowning just slightly, he increased his pace, ignoring the way his legs and back stung and ached in protest. The pressure in his stomach was getting worse, and there was an increasingly sour taste in his mouth.

Entering one of the dark side alleys, he hid in the shadow cast by two huge buildings. With one hand, he held onto the wall before him, as he took deep, shuddering breaths, hoping the waves of nausea would subside.

Maybe he had been hit in the stomach a couple of times too often in the last couple of hours. Then again, maybe the way his head had been slammed into a wall repeatedly was to blame for the sick feeling seizing his body.

He refused to think that maybe he was just disgusted with the way hands had touched him with very intention of hurting him, while deriving pleasure from his pain. He was above any kind of traumatization any normal human might have suffered from such treatment.

Spitting sour saliva onto the pavement, he still waited, trying to recall when he had last had a normal meal, although thinking about food was probably not the best idea.

He was so busy with trying not to get a grip of himself, that he didn’t notice just where he had decided to take a break.

Trust a few sprains and scratches to completely nullify his capability of observing his surroundings.

A completely unconspicious wodden door was situated a few meters away from him, leading into the staircase, where a small debt collection agency resided, which employed one Heiwajima Shizuo, who, purely by coincidence, had decided to take his smoking break right now.

Izaya had neither noticed the door’s existence, nor realized that it had opened, to reveal his tall, blond haired enemy.

It took Shizuo a few seconds to fully process what he saw. The louse was hunched over, seeking support from the wall in front of him, while breathing raggedly.

“IZAYAAAA!!” The anger came as a natural reaction to seeing the dark haired information broker, who looked up in shock.

“Shizu-chan?” Izaya gasped out, genuine surprise written all over his very pale face.

Shizuo was already looking for something heavy to throw, but to the informant’s luck, there was no vending machine within a ten meter radius.

Instead, Shizuo held the door above his head, several veins throbbing on his forehead, while the informant couldn’t really seem to move.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck...FUCK!! The informant chanted to himself in his head, while his tired legs made him stumble backwards, his agility shot to hell.

He managed to exit the dark alley, bumping into several people, while he moved out onto the street. A slightly trembling hand dove into his pocket to grab his knive, only to find that it was not there.

“I TOLD YOU TO FUCKING STAY OUT OF IKEBUKURO, LOUUUUSE!!” Shizuo had followed him with heavy steps, for once not having trouble keeping up with Izaya.

Negotiating with the monster was out of the question, especially when he was ready to throw something at him.

Hmm...I wonder if I can figure out some more innovative way of them meeting. The whole 'running into each other on the street' thing is so overused. I don't want this fill to be some generic Hurt/Comfort story. I wrote enough of those already -.-'

You're just so pretty in your pain [4/?]

Wao, thanks so much for all the comments! I shall try to find a creative way of Shizuo and Izaya meeting, but it'll probably be the old street thingy each and every time XD

Izaya turned around abruptly and tried to put as much distance between himself and the ex bartender, as his protesting body would let him.

He saw a shadow approach him quickly from behind and the dark wodden door just barely brushed his burnt shoulder, making him wince, as he swallowed the pained groan trying to escape his lips.

The debt collector easily caught up to him and grabbed him by the furry hood of his jacket, as though he weighed nothing. The pedestrians around them watched the one sided fight silently, wondering why the informant wasn’t defending himself, or why he had even been caught in the first place.

Izaya almost laughed at his horribly bad luck. So much for trying to hide that something was wrong with him. He would have to thank Shizu-chan for that some time. He would buy a nice, expensive flickblade to stab it through the brute’s chest.

That was all he could think, before he was crashed into the wall of some shop or another, the dull impact making blood gather beneath the skin on the side of his head, until it couldn’t withstand the pressure anymore and burst. Blood ran down the side of his face in thicks rivulets from a wound somewhere hidden underneath his hair.

He crumbled to the ground in a seemingly boneless heap, while colors shone brightly before his eyes, the pain making him feel the urge to just curl up and hope it wouldn’t get any worse.

But he was Orihara Izaya, respected as one of the most dangerous and powerful men in all of Tokyo. He had a repuation to lose, and through willpower and stubbornness alone, he managed to stand up shakily.

“Aww, Shizu-chan, that’s not the nicest way to greet someone. It usually starts with a handshake and a friendly hello.” He felt ready to puke from the pain alone. His eyes focused and unfocused on Shizuo’s face, and there were several dark blotches obstructing his vision.

“Shut up!” Shizuo growled, like the animal he truly was, and surprisingly didn’t grab another heavy item to hit him with. Apparently even a stupid brute like him had noticed that there was something different about Izaya.

“Then again, in the cave you originated from, throwing rocks was probably a way of displaying affection.” Despite the smile on his face, his voice was rather breathy.

He was almost satisfied, when Shizuo grabbed a stop sign, and swung it at the mere implication that he might feel anything but pure hatred for the louse. That was always the easiest way of making the debt collector angry.

And pissing of Shizu-chan was what his normal self was busy with whenever they met, so that was all he could do to try to feign normality, lest his beloved humans thought he had somehow gone weak and stopped respecting and fearing him.

The stop sign came closer before he could even try to escape. Its angry red color was approaching his face quickly and he could almost feel it breaking his nose and cheekbones already, when it was suddenly stopped by a black, almost shadowy substance.

You're just so pretty in your pain [5/?]

“Celty?” Shizuo said incredulously, recognizing the dark material as part of the ‘shadows’ flowing out of her neck when she wasn’t wearing her helmet.

Izaya’s knees almost gave out and he barely managed not to fall by leaning his back against the wall. He looked almost relaxed like that, even though he was incredibly anxious, the stabbing pain in his limbs and the throbbing in his head causing all his muscles to tense.

[That’s enough, Shizuo. Don’t waste your energy on him.] She wrote, making sure that only Shizuo saw it.

Then, she turned to Izaya, scrutinizing him, before starting to type on her ever present PDA.

[Are you alright?]

“Peachy.” The informant said, not finding the strength to muster up one of his perfectly convincing false smiles.

“What are you doing here, Celty?” Shizuo asked, his anger subsiding almost instantly, although he shot Izaya an infuriated look. “And why are you siding with that flea?”

[I’m not siding with him. I simply don’t want anyone to get killed.]

“I fucking finally had him!” Shizuo grunted, clenching his fists.

Celty typed some kind of placating reply Izaya didn’t manage to read, that made Shizuo look at him closely. He used the time Shizuo and Celty were busy ‘talking’ to stand up straight again, before sluggishly turning, walking a few steps like a drunk person, before turning his head.

“Well, I’m off! I would have liked to play with Shizu-chan for a bit longer, but unfortunately I have other things to do.” Like discreetly slipping into some other alleyway to puke, go home and take a long shower before going to bed. “So long!”

With a wave of his good hand, he dragged his feet away.

He had barely taken two shaky steps, when Celty’s shadow wrapped around one of his wrists, the one that was tinted a very dark shade of blue from the shackles that had been capturing him only a few hours ago, and pulled him back.

There were a few surprised and horrified shrieks coming from the crowd that was slowly gathering around them.

He winced and looked at Celty questioningly, while smoke filled his nostrils from the cigarette Shizuo had lit to calm himself down. The blond was staring at Izaya intensely, a dissatisfied frown on his face. Whatever Celty had told him seemed to keep him from murdering the informant, though, for now.

[You’re not going anywhere like that!] Celty insisted, forming a helmet out of her shadow to the innocent bystander’s shock, and handing it to him.

She went to get her motorbike, while he slipped the helmet over his head, trying not to touch the fresh wound on his scalp.

[Shinra can take a look at your wounds. Hop on! I’ll give you a ride.]

Izaya frowned to himself. How had she noticed that he had more wounds than the one Shizuo had just inflicted on him that easily?!

“...thanks.” he muttered and climbed onto the motorcycle, letting her grab his arms to wrap them around her midriff.

Today I got a letter from the school I had applied to about two weeks ago, and they accepted me! I'm so happy!! Three more years, and I'll get my degree and go to university, probably. I really felt like sharing this with all of you awesome readers! I also had an epiphany of sorts concerning this story, which really motivated me. I can't even tell all of you just how much fun it is to write this :D

<333 CELTY (Anonymous) Expand

You're just so pretty in your pain [6/?]

“Celty!” Shinra’s sing song voice greeted them, although his happy demeanor faltered upon seeing that the informant was with her. He had probably hoped for some alone time with his girlfriend. “What are you doing here, Orihara-kun?”

The question was answered by the blood drying on the side of his face and staining his jacket.

Trying his best not to show that walking hurt him immensely, Izaya entered the underground doctor’s apartment, the world around him spinning with every step he took.

“I have some business to take care off.” He muttered weakly, before stumbling into the bathroom and locking the door behind him.

Shinra looked at Celty questioningly, who was already typing some kind of reply, when they were both interrupted by the distinctive sounds of Izaya violently puking his guts out.

A few minutes later, the coughing and retching from inside the washroom had silenced, and Shinra softly knocked.

“Are you okay in there, Izaya?” A weak cough answered him, and he heard the sound of running water. “Izaya?”

The door unlocked and Izaya leaned against the door frame heavily. Although his face had regained a little color, mostly due to the effort of emptying his stomach, he looked completely drained. Water dripped from his face, from his attempts to clean the wound on his head.

“Much better.” He sighed, wiping some of the water with the sleeve of his jacket, which he hadn’t removed.

“Sit down, you can barely stand.” Shinra instructed and steadied Izaya, who limped even worse than before without realizing, until the informant let himself drop onto the couch.

“What the hell happened to you?” Shinra asked accusingly. Why did Izaya have to get hurt when Celty had promised him this morning, that she would take the afternoon off, so they could take a long, warm bath together?

Izaya, sensing this, grinned both teasingly and apologetically, which wasn’t a good combination.

“Didn’t mean to be a cockblock.” He said, amused by the light blush on Shinra’s cheeks. “Blame it on Shizu-chan.”

The unlicensed doctor had put on gloves and was pulling at the blood matted hair above the laceration.

“You mean Shizuo-kun did this to you?” A sharp burning sensation told Izaya that Shinra was disinfecting the split skin.

“As if him attempting to crack open my skull is a surprise to you. He’s tried that more than once.” The informant leaned back slightly. After spending well over five minutes puking up blood and bile, at least the crushing nausea had subsided, making him feel infinitely better.

“That’s not what I meant.” Shinra was across the room, searching through his suitcase filled with medical equiptment.

You guys are so awesome. I can't tell you how grateful I am for your awesome comments!

You're just so pretty in your pain [7/?]

“Huh?” Izaya tilted his head to the side with a confused look.

Shinra came back with some ointment and bandages. Although Izaya had no medical expertise, he had achieved a basic knowledge of the body and how to perform first aid. And therefore, he knew that those bandages couldn’t possibly be meant for the laceration above his ear, unless Shinra intended to wrap his entire head.

“Take of your jacket and shirt.” Shinra demanded and was already squeezing some of the ointment onto a large band aid.

Izaya froze completely, while the doctor was back to rummaging through his bag, muttering some medical terms to himself.

“What are you talking about?” Izaya inquired, not so much as lifting a finger to do as his old friend had told him.

Shinra raised his head, surprised to find Izaya still fully clothed. He retrieved a package of pills, probably pain killers, and approached Izaya.

“I want to treat your other wounds.” Shinra stated, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Izaya frowned uneasily. Since when was everyone so damn perceptive? Or more like, since when did he fail so badly at hiding his injuries?!

“I don’t recall you ever having any problems with undressing in front of anyone.” Shinra scoffed, all too aware of Izaya’s sexual promiscuity. The informant was popular, and whenever he was propostioned, he rarely said no. Of course, Shinra didn't approve of that, being the hopeless romantic that he was. Izaya had simply explained that he loved humanity too much to reject them when they requested something from him, when Shinra had asked him about it.

“Other wounds?” Izaya repeated, without paying attention to his friend criticizing his private life, with a look of complete confusion on his delicate features. “What other wounds?”

Shinra almost gaped at the response. “Well, your other injuries? There’s gotta be a reason why you don’t move your right hand and shoulder. And from the way you’re limping I’d say there’s something wrong with your hips. I need to take a look at that, too.”

It was the informant’s turn to gape in disbelief, although it was mostly an act. Of course he knew, what Shinra was talking about, but he couldn’t let the underground doctor see those injuries.

Not with the hand shaped bruises on his slim hips, his boxers soggy with his blood and other bodily fluids, and the torture marks all over his upper body, practically screaming ‘RAPE!’. Shinra, who was an experienced underground physician, would immediately recognize all those characteristics and put two and two together.

The nausea he had thought he was rid off came back with full force, and he paled considerably, his breath quickening, as he trembled slightly.

Ugh, I gotta say writing and describing Izaya's injuries makes me feel bad. Poor guy, someone give him a hug! Evil author!anon keeps on torturing him!!
Btw, I'm keeping the posts short so I don't have to cut off in the middle of something important...character limit should go *beep* itsself.

I fail (Anonymous) Expand

You're just so pretty in your pain [8/?]

“I’m fine, there’s nothing else you need to treat.” Izaya said weakly, feeling slightly dizzy, as his heartrate and blood pressure skyrocketed, in fear of being found out.

“What are you talking about? It’s obvious you’re hurt pretty badly. Maybe your concussion is making you delusional.” Shinra rubbed his chin thoughtfully and looked at him with honest concern darkening his otherwise young looking face.

“Concussion? Well, I guess that’s to be expected after Shizu-chan knocked my head against that wall. Remind me to get him fired from his current job for that...or maybe I could frame him again...ahahaha...Shizu-chan going to jail would be so epic.”

By now, Izaya was talking more to himself than to Shinra. The physician watched the random fit of crazy Izaya seemed to be having, which wasn’t all that unnormal for him and, unbeknownst to Shinra, was perfectly staged to both distract him and convince him that Izaya was perfectly fine.

“Ahahaha...This is Shizu-chan, he was a prison bitch...” The information broker imitated some low, scratchy voice Shinra didn’t recognize and giggled hysterically.
“I wonder what the scouter would say about Shizu-chan’s powerlevel...it’s probably OVER 9000!!” *

Shinra sighed wordlessly and began to put the medical equipment back into the bag, while Izaya was humming something that sounded a lot like the ‘Ghost Busters’ theme.

“Well, since you seem to be doing better, take two of those pills after you eat, they might make you sick if you take them on an empty stomach.” Shinra gave him a pack of ‘Ibuprofen’. “It’ll also help keep your wounds” he deliberately used the plural form “from getting infected.”

“Yes, Sir!” Izaya made some military salute, moving less fluently than usual.

“I’ll call you a cab. There’s no way you’re walking home right now. Once you get home, please rest and don’t move around too much. Your concussion is mild, so you should be fine by tomorrow. And if anything’s wrong, you know my number.”

Izaya had the fleeting suspicion that his concussion wasn’t actually as mild as Shinra made it sound, because of how much it affected his vision, but he didn’t argue.

“Namie is a doctor, too, so I’ll just have her check up on me. Maybe she’ll take pity on me and refrain from trying to poison me today.” Izaya said cheerfully and Shinra felt the urge to bury his face in his hands.

Shinra guided him out the door with an exceedingly happy smile. Izaya knew, that he was glad to be rid of him.

“Well, I’ll send you the money tomorrow. Same bank account as usual, right?” Izaya asked redudantly. Shinra nodded.

“Get better soon, okay? I’ll see you around.” Shinra’s hand was already on the doorknob.

“Yeah. Bye-biii~.” After a last wave of goodbye, the heavy door fell closed and Izaya’s smile immediately vanished, a pained gasp leaving his lips. He pulled the hood of his jacket over his head and into his face as far as possible, before limping to the elevator and exiting the building shortly after.

The sun had begun to set already. Another day in freedom wasted.

* Both the 'prison bitch' and 'over 9000' thing are Dragonball Z the abridged series references. The 'Ghost Busters' theme Izaya was singing is actually the 'Ghost Nappa' theme^^.
If you haven't heard of abridged series, please go to youtube where I spend half of my life and watch Yu-Gi-Oh the abridged series by Cardgamesftw and Dragonball Z the abridged series by TeamFourStar. I swear, those videos are so funny, I almost peed myself when I first watched yugioh tas XD

You're just so pretty in your pain [9/?]

“Where the hell have you been?!” a shrill voice greeted Izaya upon entering his home.

“No no no, you’ve got it all wrong, Namie. It’s okaeri nasai...So tadaima I guess.” Izaya dropped his keys onto the table and took of his shoes and nothing else.

Okaeri, where the hell have you been?” Namie was sitting at the kitchen counter, apparently in the middle of eating a rather early dinner. The newspaper lay next to her plate.

“Shiki-san is so attached to me lately, don’t you think? He kept me busy for three days.”

“Hard to believe that anyone could stand your company for that long.” Namie said with all seriousness. Then again, Izaya was sometimes completely convinced that this woman had no sense of humor at all.

“Well, for someone like him, it would be highly unprofessional to let personal aversion get in the way of his business. Whether he hates my guts or not is irrelevant as long as I do my job to his satisfaction.” Izaya purposely left his words ambiguous. He liked throwing hints and watch no one but him catch them.

Namie’s eyebrows twitched at the implication that she was unprofessional for expressing her resentment for him so openly. She didn’t question what exactly had taken Izaya three days to do for the Awakusu-kai executive, but her assumptions were somewhere along the lines of him researching a couple of drug dealers who refused to be controlled by the yakuza.

Izaya had a tiny apartment in Ikebukuro and she just assumed he had slept there because he was too busy to come back to Shinjuku. But he could have slept in a dumpster, for all she cared.

She turned back to the newspaper, a grim look on her face. While listening to his steps, she refused to look up, although she heard that he was putting more weight on one leg than on the other.

“Ah, before I forget to mention it, I have a concussion, so would you be a dear and wake me up every few hours and check my pupils?” Izaya said this as nonchalantly, as someone would talk about the weather.

Namie almost dropped the plate she had been meaning to put into the dishwasher.

“You’re telling me that now?!” she seethed. Not because she was shocked about her employer getting injured, but because she had promised Seiji that she would do his homework tonight.

“Is it inconvenient for you? I’m sure whatever you had in mind of doing can wait until I’m sure I won’t die of cerebral hemorrhage in my sleep. Think about it, I can’t pay you when I’m dead.”

“On the contrary, when you’re dead, I can just take all of your money and leave.” Despite her words, Namie had opened her purse, which, for some alien reason, contained the most basic medical equipment, which also included a small torch.

“Ah, I’m afraid, you’re not in my will. If I was to die, all of my money would go directly to my sisters. You’d have to sleep with me at least once more to inherit anything at all.” He grinned at her blush, while she grumbled something about ‘stupid mistakes’ and ‘manipulative bastards’. Despite all the pain trying to pull him down, this was still fun.

He vanished into the bathroom without another word and shortly after, she heard the sound of water running.

Yeeees, the Izaya/Namie hint was necessary imo XD Strangely enough, I don't hate that pairing. I'm kind of glad I always write a couple of chapters in advance, just to make sure I can still change things I don't like or prevent continuation mistakes.

You're just so pretty in your pain [10/?]

I’m so sorry, Seiji, but I won’t make it back home today. Izaya is making me stay. Much love, your sis.

Frustrated, she flipped her cellphone shut and waited for her employer to finish taking a shower. Maybe she should have told him that it would be a lot better for his head, if he went straight to bed, but a little pain might just teach him a lesson.

She had to admit, that sometimes, his attitude amused her just slightly. And his intelligence both intersted and intimidated her. But that didn’t change anything about the fact that she very much disliked him. The only think acceptable about him was his competence. He knew what he was doing, she had to give him that, and sometimes his plans were too convoluted for even her to understand.

Still, the childish facade he used to make people understimate him, and the charm he manipulated so many with, were just sickening. Not that she hadn’t fallen for his flirty attitude and ambiguous propositions once or twice...or a couple of more times than that.

Her phone vibrated, breaking her train of thoughts.

Don’t worry, I can understand if you want to spend the night with your boyfriend. I’d never get in the way of love. Seiji.

She almost crushed the phone between her fingers, as she held it tightly, her hand trembling with anger.

He’s NOT my boyfriend, I just work for him— She stopped immediately, realizing that it sounded like she was Izaya’s personal whore.

Some time ago, Izaya had told her that Seiji was much more likely to express any kind of interest in her, if she didn’t cater to his every whim, and instead acted as if there was someone more important to her than him.

If he felt like he wasn’t the most important person in her life anymore, he might start to miss having her around all the time and start to fight for her attention and affection, at least according to the informant. And consequently, he had manipulated her into sleeping with him with those words.

With his strange advice still in mind, she decided not to answer Seiji’s text message and to act, as if she hadn’t even noticed it, in case he asked tomorrow morning.

Feeling almost like a child caught stealing candy, she looked up when the bathroom door opened to reveal the informant, hair still wet, already wearing what appeared to be his sleeping attire.

She raised a delicate, dark brown eyebrow at the oversized gray hoody covering his upper body only serving to emphasize how slim he really was. The black shorts hung low on his narrow hips, looking ready to just fall off, and she tried not to think about whether he was wearing underwear beneath those.

“You wear socks to sleep?” she asked, not because she was curious, but because she wanted him to realize just how odd his choice of clothing was. Then again, she wouldn’t have been surprised if a guy like him slept in the nude.

“I get cold easily.” He said, looking down at his white socks, while one of his hands untangled his wet, dark hair. It was actually the fact that the socks covered the red and blue bruises on his ankles, that had made him decide to wear them, but the lie was barely noticeable when told by a talented liar like him. And he really did get cold easily.

“Well, I’m going to sleep.” He announced, strolling towards his bedroom.

“I’ll come wake you up in two hours!” she warned and he simply waved his hand as a sign that he had understood.

The door closed behind him and he was encased in silence, that both relaxed him and made his heart flutter with uncertainty. With slow steps, he approached his bed, his room glowing with the light of the city all around him.

His back hurt in a bittersweet way as his muscles relaxed upon lying down, which only served to remind him how much he needed a good night's sleep.

Curling up on his side, he let his eyes drift closed, breathing in the smell of detergent and shampoo coming from his pillow, which calmed him and soothed his pounding head with its freshness.

Part two of this chapter will be posted in a few minutes. FUCK YOU CHARACTER LIMIT!!! I go and write a longer chapter this effing once and the character limit immediately decides to piss me off!!

You're just so pretty in your pain [11/?]

I apologize for the lack of Shizuo beforehand...he will appear soon-ish, I promise, but for now, I hope you can enjoy some Orihara sibling interaction. Also, I think I'm giving the awesome russia_sushi staff a hard time determining exactly which pairing this fill is about...so I'm going to clarify that this fill is Shikizaya turning into Shizaya

He woke to the odd sensation of something pinching and pulling at his toes.

“What the fuck—” He was blinded by broad daylight for a few moments upon opening his eyes, and he suddenly realized the small weight resting on his stomach.

“Language, Iza-nii.” The grinning face looking down at him was most definitely Mairu’s. And she had taken a comfortable seat on his lower stomach, straddling him.

“Morning...(Good morning.)” A small voice said from the foot of the bed. He waited for a second, until his sight was less blury. Kururi was looking at him with innocent, chocolate brown eyes, while she continued to pull at his clothed toes.

“Kururi, really? I never realized you had a foot fetish.” Mairu’s laughter was almost shrill, while the other twin didn’t react much, except for letting go of his foot. “And would you mind getting off of me, Mairu?”

“Really now, Iza-nii, first you confront us with vulgar language and then you crack sex jokes? Corrupting your poor, innocent little sisters like that is unacceptibe, just unacceptible.” She simply ignored his request, and waved her index finger in front of his face, her grin widening, when it made him go slightly cross eyed.

“Ah, well my ‘poor, innocent little sisters’ as you put it, should first explain how they managed to get into my apartment. And don’t think I don’t know it was you who stole from my magazine collection.”

“Pictures...nice...(The pictures were nice.)” Kururi contributed.

“You looked at those? Now, Kururi, you know those are adult magazines, right? They’re not meant for people under 18.” Not that Izaya really thought looking at a few naked women was going to kill those two.

“As if you didn’t read those magazines when you were under 18. And we didn’t break in, if that’s what you think.” Mairu’s smile turned even more mischievous. “Yagiri-san let us in, actually.”

“Nice...(She’s a nice woman.)” Izaya chuckled at just how wrong Kururi was about Yagiri Namie.

“She really is nice. I wonder just how nice she was to Iza-nii last night.” The louder twin had a look of contemplation on her face, while her brother shook his head.

“You’ve got it all wrong.” Izaya moved to sit up, but Mairu refused to get off of his lap. “You’re starting to get heavy, Mairu, get off.” It was more the fact that she was sitting on one of his bruises that made him so adamant about her getting up.

“And now he’s encouraging me to become anorexic. Watch it, Iza-nii, I’m in a position where I could easily turn you into Iza-nee.” She laughed and he could only cringe at the obvious threat to his private parts. “I guess we can consider ourselves lucky that we at least didn’t catch the two of you in the act.”

Again, second part in a couple of minutes...somehow my chapters keep on getting longer and longer. Buuut, today is a somewhat good day, I will not get angry, no no no~ *rips out street sign and throws at random people*...not angry at all~

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