[sticky post]Rules: READ THESE BEFORE POSTING!
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To request, please request from the latest part, which is currently Part 12.

1. TREAT EACH OTHER WITH RESPECT. I know it's the internet and I know we're anonymous and those two make for some bitchfests, but come on. Tone it down. It's free porn. Free porn is good.

2. PLEASE STAY ANONYMOUS. It's a little extreme, but this is to encourage ~kinkiness~ and just to prevent anon-related drama in the future. If you would like to de-anon outside the meme after you've filled a request, that's fine.

3. Each request must include at least one character from Durarara!!. As the name states, this is a kink meme, but gen fic is absolutely fine too! If you'd prefer a meme that focuses specifically on gen fic, though, please head on over to drrrgen! DO NOT POST REQUESTS IN OLDER PARTS! They will be clearly marked as such.

4. Slash, het, whatever you want - it's all okay here! Please don't be shy~ ♥

5. Multiple fills of the same prompt are welcomed. The more the merrier! Art fills are perfectly fine as well!

6. DO NOT JUDGE ANY KINKS, CHARACTERS, OR PAIRINGS. That's just low and petty and not cool at all, and any such comments will be dealt with. No kinks are prohibited. Just, if it's something really sensitive, please be considerate of the rest of the meme! Please remember that everyone has different kinks and what may not seem kinky to you is to someone else.

7 If you are posting a fill, PLEASE DO NOT THREAD YOUR COMMENTS ONE AFTER ANOTHER. We're in a bit of a unique stuation because we have russia_sushi, so if you have any questions about what's okay just scroll down, I've got examples set up!

8. You are not allowed to post "misfire" fills, i.e. fic that is not in response to any prompt or misfired comment. The meme is not your own personal fic comm; please post that at durarara or some other, more appropriate place. I AM NOT DISALLOWING FIC IN REPLY TO MISFIRED COMMENTS, please understand the difference between the two!

9. Please format your requests like so:

character A/character b
kink 1(, kink 2, etc.)

additional details about the request.

There's an example below in the comments if you'd like to see!

10. You can repost prompts that are two or more parts old. For example, if you wanted to repost something from part 5, you'd have to wait until part 7.

11. If you've got something you want to talk about, please go on over to the suggestion or discussion posts as appropriate! If you'd like to contact the mod, leaving a comment at either one is the best way.

12. There is currently no spoiler policy in place, but that's flexible and may be changed in the future!


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