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congraz on moving on to a part 11 :D


overflow for UNSHEATHED
Shiki x Izaya

prompt" I'd like a ShikixIzaya, in which Shiki is the "experienced adult" who has Izaya in the palm of his hand. In my headcanon Shiki is one cool BAMF, and I'd love to see that playing out against Izaya's manipulativeness.

The timeline can be during the present or the Raijin period.


Unsheathed 17/?

“Look here, Orihara… kun.” Shiki folded his hands and tucked them under his chin as he glared at the teen with a mischievous gleam in his eyes.

“We can start all over from the beginning until it’s time for your class the next morning, or you spill what your involvement is with this.”

The high schooler just shrugged.

“If you keep this up…” Shiki started but Izaya cut him off boldly.

“How about we strike a deal?”

“A deal?” Shiki had to raise an eyebrow. This boy was bold. Not only bold, but also got a couple screws loose up there. Either he was a genius or an imbecile who didn’t understand his situation.

“Yes, a deal. I’ll tell you how I saved your ass, in fact, I’ll save your ass again this time too. But in exchange, I’d like to be compensated this time. I thought I would work for you for free since you were so entertaining, but not anymore. There’s only so much you can push me around until I start biting back.” The highschool boy’s lips split into a grin equal of a Cheshire cat despite this dire situation.

The executive was used to people begging for mercy, he was used to people sprouting ridiculous excuses. This offer took him by surprise.

“And, if I don’t take this deal?” Shiki leaned over from his couch, facing the boy.

“Well, it's not my life Shiki-san~ What do I got to lose?” The boy leaned forward with a shit-eating grin as his eyes glowed intensely.

‘This kid is crazy.’ Shiki thought for the umpteenth time. He considered calling the kid bluff and then go back to plan one, or perhaps even raise the level of the torture.

However, his thoughts were cut off by a sudden deafening sound as the room was thrown into chaos within seconds. To their side, the windows exploded into pieces, bullets whizzed through embedding themselves in the wall and people all the same. Men shouted as they took cover. The two body guards quickly grabbed Shiki’s head and dropped him under the table, trying to cover their boss. Izaya too took cover under the coffee table that was between them and giggled.

“Oh look, they came. Kinda earlier than I expected.”

“You!” Amongst the adrenaline rush, fear, and unimaginable fury, Shiki grabbed Izaya’s collar and hauled him across the gap. “You know something. What the hell is all of this?”

“First, the deal. Do you want me to save your ass Shiki-san? Even though you’ve raped mine.”

Shiki glared at him for a second as the bullets continued to rain down. In that split second, he decided he too must be insane if he had to trust this scoundrel to save his life again.

“Fine Orihara-kun. I’ll make that deal.”

Izaya smiled. He leaned forward and caught the executive by surprise as he kissed him. No, he bit his lips hungrily. Shiki cursed as he pulled away.

“The hell?!”

Izaya licked his lips which was smeared with Shiki’s blood.

“It will be my pleasure.”

Unsheathed 18/?


By the time Akabayashi had come with his reinforcement, everything was mostly under control. There weren’t that many men and when the red head came, everyone scattered. The kanbu in a gaudy red shirt and clean black suit kicked away the debris as he walked up the stairs to the room where Shiki was located.

However, he did not expect the kid to be in the same room with Shiki.

“Why’s the kid here?”

The kanbu in the white suit which was now slightly dirtied, rolled his eyes at his comrade’s comment.

“I should just throw him in Tokyo Bay.” He muttered.

Akabayashi burst out laughing as he sat across from Shiki. “That’s a good one. The kid must be extraordinary if he knows how to push your buttons.” Akabayashi raised his hand and gestured when Shiki gave him a deadly glare.

“The kid was tapping my subordinates as well as the enemy’s cell phones. He was able to track all their moves for awhile, as well as ours.”

“Then you’re punishing him for being a good informant? I don’t know, Shiki-no-danna. Sounds pretty harsh to me.” Akabayshi poked at the boy with his cane. The boy was beaten unconscious again… or so he thought. He wasn’t quite sure if the boy was raped until he fainted instead. But there were fresh bruises and blood. “And I heard that you had made some sort of contract with him. I thought you were a man of your words.”

“I am. He never said I couldn’t get my men to beat him for tapping them.”

Akabayashi whistled. “And? There’s more I take it?”

“I also got the men who had been tapped so easily without notice whipped as well. They should know better.” Shiki shrugged, scowling.

“Well, I hope it was worth it, kid.” Akabayashi tapped the unconscious boy with the cane again. “Getting beaten for seeing Shiki perturbed. It’s a rare sight even for me.” The man chuckled and immediately backed away as Shiki glared another warning.

“Well I’ll be leaving now then.” Akabayashi said as he got up. He turned to ask one last question before he left. “What are you planning to do with the kid?”

Shiki looked at him from the corner of his eyes, “That’s none of your concern, Akabayashi.”

“Yes, yes. I’ll be taking my leave. Call me~” Akabayashi winked before he left.

Shiki grunted as he looked back at the bloodied kid.

“Clean the boy and put him on bed.” He ordered before getting up. He had a lot of cleaning business to do.

Unsheathed 19/?


Leaning back in his chair, the Yakuza’s eyes wander over the papers in his hands, his eyes stern as he carefully leafed through the documents. The young boy had woken up awhile ago but continued to pretend to be asleep as he peeked at the kanbu at work.

“I know you’re awake.” Shiki didn’t even bother looking up from his work where he sat by the conference table surrounded by paperwork.

“Haha… I can’t get past Shiki-san in anything.” Izaya finally sat up and stretched, his eyes smiling like a Cheshire cat. The Yakuza couldn’t help but feel something was off about this boy. Something was clearly abnormal about this body, a thing or two were either missing, broken, or loose, inside him. No person who was abused this much should be smiling so eerily as if without concern. He refused to be broken by whatever Shiki threw at him, as if all the prior ‘tortures’ were too base, and had yet to hit his weak spot.

Weak spot… that was what was missing about this boy. Whether he was physically abused or psychologically threatened, Izaya took it as if it didn’t bother him at all.

Shiki went back to focusing on his paperwork, he will figure out this boy, eventually. Although it wasn’t his priority at the moment. With a sigh, the executive dropped the paperwork on the table, leaning back before rubbing his temple.

“Where’s that translator? I asked for him an hour ago.” Shiki barked at a subordinate near the door who who quickly jolted with a combination of surprise and fear..

“H-he should be arriving soon, boss.”

“Well he’s late.” Shiki dug in his pocket for his cigarettes before placing one on his lips.. He reached for his lighter, only to feel the weight of the couch sink next to him as the boy sat. Izaya quickly grabbed the lighter before Shiki could, taking it upon himself to light the elder’s cigarette while giving him a self-satisfied smile.

“Well perhaps I could help. I’m fluent in English.” Izaya smiled as innocently as a viper.

Shiki’s grey eyes turned to look at him as he took a drag of his cigarette stick. That boy’s body should be sore right now.

“It’s Russian.” Shiki commented as he inhaled deeply and released it directly at Izaya’s face. He watched with inward smirk to note the boy cough once again. It seemed he wasn’t a smoker at all.

“W-well, I’m also fluent in Russian.” Izaya spoke between coughs. Leaning forward and reaching for the paperwork before Shiki swiped it away.

Unsheathed 20?


“Alright your homework is to translate everything before the Russian translator comes. If it’s all correct; you’re hired.” Shiki handed him only ⅓ of the papers a curious smirk befitting his lips.

Izaya pouted. “I can do more than that you know,” the boy grabbed a spare sheet of paper and pen as he got down on the floor and started to work as if it was just normal school work. At least the boy was preoccupied enough to leave him alone.

Shiki was impressed that not once did the boy ask for a dictionary but wrote in a neat handwriting as if he was writing a casual letter and nothing more. By the time the translator arrived, who was by now two hours late, Izaya had finished. The translator nervously apologized but Shiki handed him the paperwork with a stern expression, telling him to check the translations.

“W-why, well. These are… well done.” The translator’s eyes were a bit wide as he looked through them, matching the words.

“Any mistakes?” Shiki asked patiently.

“No, Sir. Well, a few word choices wouldn’t be what I would have used. For example, I usually won’t use a casual term as opposed to a respectful one’”

Izaya frowned as he leaned back on the sofa while sitting on the floor.

“That’s because you’re missing the point.”

“Excuse me?” The translator looked at the boy for the first time and frowned back. “What’s a kid doing here?”

“He’s your replacement.” Shiki replies coldly. The translator’s eyes widened as he swallowed hard.

“Well, these are all pretty much inaccurate,” He quickly changed his attitude along with his previous statement as he begrudgingly scoffed at the translated paper. “I wouldn’t have used this phrase here at all.”

“That’s because you’re too dumb to realize it’s written in a code.” Izaya rolled his eyes.

“Code?! What would a kid know about that?!” The translator barked angrily. Shiki however, remained calm as he continued studying the situation. He knew enough about Orihara Izaya now to know to listen to him when he spoke.

“Like I said, the Russian is in a code. Try reading the first letters in a vertical format.” the cocky boy smirked.

The translator quickly glanced over at the paper before Shiki noticed his lips quiver.

“Give me that.” Shiki swiped the papers back and looked at it. He may not be able to read the Russian, but he could read the Japanese.

“‘Be Aware The Night With Red Moon Coyote Strikes The Fox Before Sun Down’? What does this mean?” Shiki frowned as he read it over.

“Beats me. I realized that the Russian sentence structure was odd so I looked it over. It seems like the first word of each sentence is in a code. You only gave me 2 pages to translate.” Izaya shrugged nonchalantly.

Shiki closed his eyes, vexed with the boy’s lack of respect. “Well, you’re fired.” Shiki snapped his fingers, signaling his subordinates who then walked over to the Informant.

“No, not him!” Shiki barked before the men grabbed the boy. The kanbu used his chin to point at the man shivering like a rotting Autumn leaf on a bare branch. “Get him out.”

Shiki ignored as the men dragged the man begging for mercy.

“жалкий.. Приятного путешествия в ад ” Izaya smirked smugly as he waved goodbye. Everything was going very smoothly. Too smoothly perhaps. But Izaya didn’t worry. He was slowly overcoming one hurdle after another. Shiki had tried his best to break him but Izaya had continued to prevail at everything the kanbu threw at him.

One day he will recognize him, Izaya believed. He will make it happen.

Unsheathed 21/?


Shiki handed the rest of the paperwork to the high school boy whose eyes brightened as he received the load.

“Figure out the code. That’s more important.” Shiki ordered.

“What do I get in return?” The boy had the audacity to wink at the kanbu of the Awakusu-kai, yet at this point, nothing surprised Shiki.

“Bullet in the head if you’re wrong.” Shiki stared down with those serious grey eyes. Izaya couldn’t help but laugh, Whenever the kanbu actually turned his focus on him; his heart sored.

“Alright. Let’s see if I’ll receive your bullet tonight, Shiki-san~.” Izaya leaned forward as to quickly steal a kiss. However, Shiki was prepared and smacked the boy’s forehead with his finger flick.

“Get to work. You have to finish it before the Russian negotiation in three hours.”

“Eh? Can I come?!” Izaya followed Shiki like a puppy as the man sat back down to work on his other paperwork.


“Pretty please?”

“This isn’t a fucking field trip. No.”

“I promise I’ll be useful~.” Izaya purred as he sat down beside him once more. Shiki glared at the boy, letting out another puff of smoke before watching the boy cough.

“Be good and I’ll consider it. Now get to work.”


Author’s Note: Izaya says in Russian “Pathetic. Enjoy your trip to hell~”


It was two hours passed midnight. The wind howled across the Tokyo Bay. Shiki was at the harbor docks as his men flanked him from behind.

The Russians arrived with their cargo, several cases were being unloaded from their boat by the wooden crates.

"That should be all of them." The gruff looking blond Russian spoke more in a growl than in speech. His Russian accent was rather thick but Shiki understood the gist of it.

"Thank you. May I have my men inspect them?" Shiki drew his scarf closer around his neck so it wouldn't be blown away.

"Suit yourself." He shrugged as he hollered in Russian at his men to hurry the fuck up.

Or so Shiki had thought.

"Half of the crates are missing your stock." Izaya whispered in Shiki's ear.

"He told them to move only the 'full' ones… Check the crates they don't move. They're probably filled with something else to add weight. You're going to have to go through them all to be sure."

Shiki frowned slightly. There was a small microphone in Shiki's right ear. Though Izaya insisted on coming along, Shiki refused saying a kid being there during their transaction would not only look suspicious, but also unprofessional. When Izaya suggested that he could pretend to be Shiki's son, trying to learn the trade, Shiki smacked him.

So instead Izaya had to stay at a distance but Shiki wore a microphone so the little high schooler could listen in and translate for Shiki.

Even with Izaya interpreting, Shiki pretended to be oblivious to the Russian's words. Once his men checked the crates, the kanbu pointed at the ones that weren't moved to the land yet.

"I only see half of my crates off your boat. What of the ones still over there?"
"Ah? Those? It'll take few hours to move 'em all. You want to stay out here and freeze yer ass?"

Shiki coldly stared right back.

"I would like my men to inspect all the goods."

"You don't trust me do you, Jap?"

"Just being careful."

"Suit yer'self."


Then the Russian was cussing as he hollered at the men to bring the 'rest' of the crates, the ones with the proper goods.

Shiki could hear Izaya giggling in his ears. "It seems he has the proper goods under the boat just in case the deal went south, Shiki-san."

Slipping his hands into his pockets, the yakuza kanbu observed the Russian's working despite the cold weather. He was pleased that Izaya's plan had worked out, although he still wasn't ecstatic that he had to deal with his annoying voice in his ear.

"If you stay out there much longer, Your balls are going to shrink, Shiki-san…" The teen laughs into Shiki's ear. The Yakuza couldn't make any move or respond, doing nothing about the rude taunts aside from standing still. All he could do was grit his teeth and endure as his eyebrows twitched.

"At your age, I'm sure you're worried about premature ball shrinkage… It probably ruins your sperm count. But then again, Shiki-san doesn't have a wife so children probably aren't in your future."

Shiki's frown deepens, he wanted to tear into the little twerp, grind his face into the concrete with his heel and put him back in his place… Of course, none of those things were possible right now, but later he'd be sure to pay his 'respects' for Izaya's words.

"You know, I was wondering, is that why you like being so rough with me? Is it to compensate for something perhaps? I mean… maybe it's a good thing you don't have a kid and all after all. Don't want someone who likes to fuck little teenagers to become a dad after all right?"

Shiki wanted to scream. But there was only a barely audible, strained sound coming from his throat.

"Did I make you mad? Oops… Anyway… I'm bored so what else do you expect me to do? Besides, I was just kidding about the cold weather killing your sperm, smoking does that already so you're safe!"

Shiki almost tripped on a crate as he was walking in between them.

"Are you okay boss?" One of his bodyguard asked, concerned at his boss' rather grave face despite that the transaction seemed to be going smoothly.


"Perfect." Shiki spoke through his gritted teeth. "Just was caught up thinking about certain… things… I need to do later."

Shiki could hear Izaya snort in his ears and burst into a peal of laughter.

"Oh, Shiki-san. Do, you say? Do you want to 'do' me that badly? Oh my, you shouldn't be thinking naughty thought during work, that's so unprofessional of you. You should be focusing more on …. LOOK OUT!"

Shiki suddenly ducked when Izaya shouted so loud in his ears, a loud 'pop' resounding around him. It sounded almost like a firework, or a car backfiring, his mind swiftly acting on the impulse of the sound.

It's when the shouting begins that he realizes it really was a gunshot.

"Shiki no danna! This way!" The bodyguards shielded him as his men started to fire back.

"Shit….is it the police or the rival gang?" Shiki hid under a crate as he took out his own gun.

"Uncertain sir!"

"Take what we have and let's go! The we'll have to sort it out with the Russians later!"
The Russians too were too busy unanchoring their ship to save themselves to care about their failed negotiation. Without the exchange of money, it wasn't a particular loss for either side, although they'd have to find a better meeting point if they wanted to make the sale final in the future.

Inwardly cursing, Shiki and his men run back towards the car where Izaya was waiting, slipping inside without a care as to whether or not the Russian's escaped before taking off.

Shiki sighed as he rubbed his temple while sinking into his familiar leather couch. It had seen better days and so had its owner.

"I did well this time didn't I? Didn't I?" Izaya practically jumped onto his lap like an overly excited puppy waiting for his reward that Shiki brushed him off.

"Good job with the gunshot warning, not so good job with the unnecessary commentaries."

"Aww, doesn't Shiki-san get lonely?" Izaya smiled as he came back to wrap his arms around Shiki's neck.


Izaya blinked as he tried to shake off the ringing inside his head. He didn't even see it coming as Shiki had grabbed his head and smashed it against the coffee table. And Izaya was very good at dodging, considering he had trained daily by dodging away from a certain blond monster.

"Look, little 'informant'. I don't know what you're playing but it seems you enjoy playing with fire. Do you like to watch things burn, is that it? Do you just enjoy feeling the heat without tasting the flame? Well there's consequences to your actions, little boy. And even if you may think you're at a safe distance, watching the fire grow, look around you."

Izaya's eyes finally focused to stare into Shiki's dark eyes that sent shivers down the teenager's spine.

"You're already in the middle of it. You're already being swallowed up by the very flame you're watching."

When Shiki let him go, Izaya rubbed his head and sat up.

"You've got it wrong, Shiki-san. It's not like that."

"Oh? Well I think I'm not too far off." Shiki finally grabbed his cigarette for a smoke. Izaya already found the lighter to give him the 'fire' he wanted.

"Perhaps I am here for just the thrill of it all but…" Izaya leaned forward. "I'm just an observer. An observer you can make use of. So why not… use me?" The sneaky little brat actually managed to snuggle even closer like a snake seeking warmth next to a dragon.

"I promise I'm pretty useful Shiki-san. You've got nothing to lose from just using me dry until you want to dispose of me, right?"

'This kid is fucking crazy,' Shiki thought once again. Who in the world wanted to be 'used' until they were thrown away like trash? Especially a young kid of his age, an age where kids wanted to be in the spotlight and wanted to be the center of attention.


But no. This kid wanted to become a shadow. A shadow that was always right under the spotlight so he could observe and steal the dazzling glamour.

It was such a rare darkness in one so young that intrigued Shiki for once.

"Alright. You wanted a deal?" Shiki let out a puff of smoke right into the kid's face, making Izaya cough and cough, his eyes tearing up. Shiki couldn't help but smirk at that. Despite the mature and somewhat beyond-his-years mind, underlied a kid who still hadn't smoked a cigar in his life.

"Then you got one, kid. You've proven yourself useful after all on multiple occasions."

"You mean it?!" Izaya quickly brightened up, his eyes practically sparkling.

"Sure, kid. But once you stop proving yourself to be useful…. I'm cutting you off."


Before Shiki could even react, Izaya had removed the cigarette from the kanbu's mouth with his fingers and kissed him on the lips to seal the deal.

Shiki didn't seem surprised and instead, he grabbed the back of the kid's head to hold him in place and gave him a proper kiss. Pressing his tongue past Izaya's lips, he rubbed it against the teen's own, feeling a bit more energized after the small shoot-out.

"Mnngh?!" It was Izaya who was startled when Shiki actually responded back to him. "Shiki...san?"

Pulling back from the kiss, the Yakuza pushed Izaya back onto the couch, smirking down at the teen.

"I thought you wanted to make yourself useful, Orihara-kun? Aren't you used to getting fucked by now?"

Izaya's eyes lit up then frowned. "Of course I know about sex, you're the one who made sure of that within these last weeks." But there was something in his eyes, a confusion. Izaya was certainly happy about the change but he didn't seem to know exactly how to react properly. Then Shiki could see that Izaya realized something as a small smile appeared on the boy's lips.

"So, Shiki-san is a pedophile."

Frowning deeper, Shiki grabbed Izaya by the hair and slammed him back down hard against the leather surface.

"It sounds like you enjoy being whipped like a dog, Orihara-kun. Do you also like being fucked like one?"

Izaya snickered, the sound muffled as he licked his bruised lips against the sofa.

"Mmm… does that make me the dog,... Or you the dog?"

Shiki sighed. A very frustrated sigh.

"You know, for a second there, I actually considered doing this gently."


Shiki watched as Izaya's eyes blinked and then turn to stare at Shiki with a bit of surprise.


"Do you regret it now?"

Izaya smirked and turned his head to face up at Shiki while the kanbu let go of his hair.

"Nah, I like it when you're a bit rough with me, Shiki-san."


"You must really want me, your ass is sucking my fingers in." He teased, pressing again on the nerve bundle. He wanted Izaya to melt in his hand, wanted to make sure he didn't stray too far, knew exactly where to go to feel something like this. It wasn't that Shiki was feeling generous with foreplay. No. Shiki understood that this was another game Izaya was playing. A game to see who owned who. It was a cunning game for a boy of his age, Shiki admitted. A rather audacious move not to mention crazy, for wanting to 'own' a kanbu of a large yakuza association like Awakusu-kai. Shiki had a vague idea why Izaya had chosen him out of his other colleagues and though it may be flattering, it was just obnoxious to be chosen by such a child. Still, if he wanted to play, so be it. Shiki will indulge him just a bit. But he will play this game by his own rules, not the kid's. And Shiki planned to show him the world that he lived in, and use Izaya for his own purpose and benefits. If Izaya wanted to be part of it, so be it. If...he could keep up.

Adding a third finger, the Yakuza slid his gaze back up to the teen's face, observing every slight change in expression and admiring the red tint. The obscene view wasn't half bad from where he was sitting, Izaya on his back, spreading his legs open for Shiki… at least the kid was obedient. At the moment, he was like a wrapped present, wanting to be opened and played with. Shiki would be able to sink himself into this teenager soon, making him moan even louder, make him scream and beg for him. Izaya may enjoy his power-trip but Shiki too had his moments where he enjoyed indulging in depravity as well.

When it felt like Izaya was properly stretched, Shiki pulled his fingers out. Wiping his wet digits on the teen's leg, he reached down for his own dick again, dribbling some of the lube on his hardening cock before spreading it around with slow strokes.

"Tell me how you want it, boy"

"Nnngh… aaah… haaa…" Izaya was having a hard time concentrating or even answer Shiki as the man was rather skilled with his fingers. His mind was filled with pleasure, very different from the time that Shiki's men fucked him raw like a fuck toy.

"I… I…," how did he want it? He wasn't sure how to even answer that question. What did he mean? Did he mean with fingers? Dick? Toys? Going slowly? Gently? Or…?

"...I want it rough…and hard." He answered. He knew he'd regret that. But hell, he was not going to beg to be fucked gently. His pride didn't allow him that.

Raising his chin, the Yakuza watched Izaya curiously for a moment. Giving only the faintest hint of a smile, he suddenly pushed forward into the teen.

"Haaaah!" Izaya screamed as he jerked upward. His ass tightened as his legs closed up together in front of his chest. It… it hurt. He expected that still hurt enough that tears welled up in the corners of his eyes. But he refused to cry. He gritted his teeth and endured the pain. But Shiki could feel how tight it was inside as Izaya reflexively clenched up.

"Relax." Shiki ordered, "You wanted it rough, right?"


Izaya nodded, not daring to open his eyes. He continued to hold up his legs with his arms. His ass was still exposed lewdly,...and Shiki still couldn't believe he was fucking a scrawny underaged boy instead of a sexy and heavily endowed woman who actually knew how to please him.

Still, Shiki was generous enough to let Izaya take few moments to breath and slowly relax his muscles before he started to move in and out.

"Aaah…. Aaah…. Nnngh…. Aaah…"
Despite his rough first entry, Shiki managed to move in a slow, almost gentle pace, letting Izaya feel the size of his cock, how large it was and how thick. How deeply it could penetrate into him and how it knew exactly where to thrust to deliver him that blinding pleasure.

"Haaah! Aaaah! S...Shiki-san...aaaahnnn."

At least the boy knew how to moan sweetly. Shiki pulled his legs even more, forcing Izaya's ass to lift upward. Then the yakuza started to pick up the pace, mostly for his own pleasure now.

"Haaah! Aaahhnn! Oh..! Aaah..! There… yes… aaahn… aaah!" Izaya's fingers tighten around his own legs, desperate to hold onto something, anything, as Shiki started to drive his cock deeper and deeper. It was stirring something inside him as pleasure started to build. His ass started to suck on that cock greedily now, relaxed enough to know just how much he should clench up to give pleasure. He wanted to do more, somehow please this skilled yakuza so that he would always come back for him, but at this moment, it took all of Izaya's strength not to just come right then and there.

"S-Shiki-san! I'm… I'm gonna…! Aaaahnn..!" Izaya was barely able to speak before he started to come. The orgasm seized his body as Izaya shuddered hard. His ass tightened around Shiki's cock so tightly, even the yakuza grunted. Shiki lifted his ass even more, forcing Izaya's cock to come straight onto his face. The thick cum shot out in numerous streams, coating his face with his sticky sperm.

"We're not done, boy." Shiki licked his lips, not letting Izaya rest. "Don't move, your body hasn't quite pleased me yet."

Gripping the teen tightly, the Yakuza drew his hips back, thrusting roughly and quickly into the teen's sensitive hole. Now that Izaya had finished, it would be easier to focus on himself. With a tight grip on Izaya, Shiki pounded into him, the sound of the thrusts reverberating throughout the small room. With how sensitive Izaya was from his recent orgasm, the Yakuza couldn't help noticing just how tightly his ass had clenched around him. 'Not bad,' he thought. He could use this to his advantage...and have Izaya scream and beg for mercy. He wanted Izaya to beg, force him to surrender his body and mind to him.

"Haaah! Aaaah! S….Sh...AAaaaah!" Izaya started to scream as Shiki let loose, becoming far rougher.

"So noisy." Shiki mumbles with a small chuckle, his eyebrows knitting as his cock throbbed with the warnings of an orgasm. But he didn't want to finish just yet, this 'game' was far from over as he slowed his thrusts down a bit before moving one hand to grab Izaya's cock.

"I wonder how many times I have to fuck you before you can't cum anymore."

Wrapping his hand around the teen's dick, Shiki began to slowly stroke him. At the same time, the Yakuza drew his gaze down to Izaya's stretched hole. Watching his thick, hard cock slowly sinking in an out of the boy.

"Haaah….. Aaaahnn… aaaah…." Izaya was about to lose his mind as the pleasure and pain mingled within him. He burned slowly, his mind blanking out from overstimulation. His cock started to hurt, wanting another orgasm and yet his refractory period forbid him from his sweet release.


"S-Shiki...saaan..! Aaahn… Aaaah!" Izaya didn't even know what he was begging for as his ass burned, he could feel that cock drive him insane as it continued to pound and pound into him. He was about to reach his limit as he clawed at his own legs, trying to hold on. The moans coming from the teen beneath him were more than encouraging. It sounded so good to have the prideful and cocky boy whittled down to a lewd, moaning mess and begging his name. Tightening his grip on Izaya once more, Shiki turned his head away briefly, soon after lifting one hand to grip the boy's jaw.

"Open your mouth nice and wide." Shiki's tone made it clear that this was a demand and not a request, his hips rhythmically thrusting his swollen cock into the teen, anticipating his release soon. Izaya's eyes were barely open, his mind still half gone. It wasn't clear if he understood Shiki's words but he managed to open his mouth just in time as Shiki grunted and came all over his face and mouth.

"Swallow." Shiki commanded, letting Izaya know exactly who was in charge. Izaya closed his eyes and obeyed, swallowing as much of the cum as he could.
"Good boy," the yakuza brushed back the teen's sweat matted hair and complimented him like his pet dog. "Not bad for an amature. Perhaps next time, I'll see if your mouth is half as decent as your ass." Shiki then pushed away the boy roughly, letting him fall back onto the couch exhausted and spent. While Izaya tried to catch his breath, the kanbu stood up to smooth out his shirt and zip up his pants.

"Remember to clean up your own mess before you go. And I suggest you leave before my men think they're allowed a second turn with you." Shiki smirked before promptly leaving.

As the door closed behind Shiki, Izaya moaned softly, his body aching from the hard fuck…

But. Shiki did fuck him. Out of his own volition.

Izaya let out a soft chuckle in the empty room.

At last, he was slowly getting somewhere.

no title (Shizaya, Kasuka)

Original prompt:

Kasuka/Izaya + Shizuo; Shizaya - revenge sex, toys, voyeurism

My request is Shizaya, formed relationship, both live together, and Shizuo hardly goes outside anymore due to extremely kinky-kinky time with Izaya all the time.

Kasuka of course is worried and goes over to check on his brother, believing Izaya is tricking him into everything, and discovers them in the middle of perhaps a drug fetish game with Shizuo all drugged up?

Anyway, Kasuka freaks out and knocks out Izaya and "rescues" Shizuo, with the intent of raping Izaya with a ton of different kinky toys they have as revenge for "defiling" his older brother. =3

Bonus points if he does it all in front of Shizuo in the hopes of "breaking" him of the "delusion" Izaya has put him under. X3

Wow, I feel dirty now. >.>

Re: no title (Shizaya, Kasuka)

*internally laughing at poor Izaya*
Yes, please!! Someone fill this amazing prompt!

Re: no title (Shizaya, Kasuka)

You need to find the newest request post and leave this there.

Re: no title (Shizaya, Kasuka)

Hi, A!A here. Just wanted to let you know the above prompt was posted here because it's the prompt to a fill I am doing (you caught me in the 15 min between posting the prompt and part 1 of fill). According to the directions at top of page, that's correct, right?

If there's a different way to fill old parts with overflow, please let me know! I really love this kink meme but am a new participant and don't want to cause trouble for anyone.

Re: no title (Shizaya, Kasuka)

New anon here,

If it is a fill of a post of part 4, you can post the link to the original prompt so we know its origin =) As far as I can read, ou can post the fill here without trouble

(You got me in a: "New prompt!", and then "already filling?! YAY!!"

Yep, you have me already hooked!)

From the Outside [part 1/?]

They stopped needing the blindfold some time ago.

Shizuo can barely see through the drug-induced haze. The edges of Izaya’s couch closest to his vantage point on the floor are more firm than fuzzy, but otherwise, the details of the information dealer’s apartment blur like the unimportant backdrop they are.

The only thing that matters is the pleasure Izaya gives him.

His dark-haired lover is murmuring sweet things in his ear. The flea’s mouth never stops running and it never stops irritating Shizuo. Even though they’ve hammered out the better part of the jagged edges between them, there are still rough spots that cause irritation. Those edges soften and blur in the haze of sex, or drugs or both, just like his eyesight.


Izaya’s hot breath in his ear sends a pulse of thick arousal into his cock. Whatever shit the flea gave him this time hasn’t interfered with his ability to get hard. His cock’s been ridden already and the sloppy patch of come on his abdomen is proof of Izaya’s pleasure as well as his own.

“Is my monster hard again?” Izaya snickers, reaching down to play with the head of Shizuo’s interested cock. He presses his small naked body against his lover, resting his head in the crook of Shizuo’s neck.

Shizuo tries to grunt, but he can’t even speak. They didn’t use a ball gag this time, but the drugs retard his tongue.

“You’re so amusing like this, Shizu-chan,” Izaya whispers twisted words of endearment into his ear. He hates how they make his cock stiffen every time despite the annoyance. “All mine, to do whatever I want with.”

“Just try to stop me,” Izaya commands, his lips curling into a smile and then a biting kiss that digs into his neck. “Try.”

Strain as he might, Shizuo cannot escape the simple ropes binding his slowly-numbing arms. The drugs make him incapable of violence; they fix him. He can’t hurt Izaya when he’s like this.

“Try harder, you monster,” Izaya’s voice gets mean and Shizuo’s rage sparks. But his body can't move.

“Don’t you want to tear me apart, Shizu-chan?” Izaya goads. “I want you to try to rip me to shreds. You’re so glorious like that, Shizu-chan. Like a real monster.”

What Izaya says is cruel, but his hands speak the language of pleasure as they slide over his engorged cock.

Shizuo knows Izaya loves his violence, if only for the thrill it gives him. He wouldn’t have irritated him for years otherwise. What exactly his lover gets out of these drug sessions he isn’t sure and doesn’t really want to know. That Shizuo gets peace out of them is enough.

Izaya’s nimble fingers continue to flicker over his cock; other fingers massage the delicate skin between his balls and hole. The other man is playing with him, setting his body on fire, and Shizuo only grows harder through the expert touch.

“Yes, drool, Shizu-chan,” Izaya smiles wildly as he licks the wet spittle. “Like a racehorse straining. My animal.”

From the Outside [part 2/?]

“My precious pet,” Izaya whispers directly in his ear as the smaller man mounts Shizuo’s larger frame. Their cocks are flush, and Shizuo hopes that maybe they’ll get off grinding against each other. The times when Izaya rides him, his face is too distant and mocking, no matter how beautifully he eventually comes undone. Shizuo likes it better when the arrogant flea is down on his level, the floor itself.

Izaya grinds their cocks together, then teases Shizuo’s cock between his thighs. The head pops up between his buttcheeks, rubbing at the small hole it so often sinks into. But Izaya isn’t interested in that just yet, more in giving Shizuo the promise of intimate connection while lavishing his bitter praises and leaving lovemarks across Shizuo’s chest.

The blond watches his lover’s head bob up and down as he slowly loses himself in the erotic friction. He may not be able to move much, but he can feel. Every centimeter of Izaya’s skin burns against him, despite the lube and come lubricating the slide of their bodies. Strands of Izaya’s sweaty hair stick to Shizuo’s chest as the smaller man’s crimson eyes meet his own.

Their lips meet, an explosion of passion and need, though Shizuo is more recipient than participant.

“So big,” Izaya licks his lips, reaching back to nudge Shizuo’s cock against his entrance. Shizuo frowns; he says that every time. “I’m tight again Shizu-chan, you have to fuck me open.”

Shizuo whimpers as Izaya grins and positions his hips to take the cock—

—suddenly the door flies open.

Re: From the Outside [part 2/?]

*already laughing*

I just can picture Izaya trying to keep calm and not be startled XD

From the Outside [part 3/?]

Kasuka is initially surprised that the door code his brother gave him actually worked on Orihara’s door, but the scene before him quickly draws all his attention.

His brother is bound with ropes and stark naked on the floor. Perched above him in a very compromising position is an equally naked Orihara Izaya. Shizuo looks like he’s been bound for some time—there are purple welts forming near the ropes. More worrisome is the unfocused look in his eyes and the slack heaviness of his body.

Kasuka loses it.

He may not be strong like his brother, but it doesn’t take much power in his punch to send an unprepared Orihara reeling from a fist to the jaw. The force of the blow collapses Orihara against a nearby chair.

As the stone-faced actor unties his brother, he fumes at the way the information broker treated him. It sickens him to see his wonderful brother humiliated.

At first, Kasuka had nodded with understanding when Shizuo said he’d put aside his differences with the flea and they’d starting dating each other. But he didn’t like or trust Orihara, and had always suspected blackmail or manipulation. The big brother he knew would never submit to a snake like Orihara willingly.

He only wanted his brother’s happiness. So he didn’t say anything.

When Shizuo slowly started disappearing from the streets of Ikebukuro after hours, he didn’t comment. When he stopped returning Kasuka’s calls and texts, he didn’t complain. But when Tom called him and said Shizuo had quit his job weeks ago and hadn’t been seen much since, Kasuka decided to investigate.

He drags his limp brother unto the couch. For all the strength contained in it, Shizuo's body's light. He also looks like he might have passed out. Kasuka gets a container of milk and places it on the table, gets out his phone and calls his driver.

A knifepoint digs into his throat from behind.

“Oh Kasuka, my dear brother-in-law to be, you should put down that phone,” Izaya is all steel despite his flippant turn of phrase.

Kasuka puts it down and turns to face the naked information dealer. The man’s face lights up in a smile.

“Shizu-chan and I are just showing our affection,” Izaya grins. “Though it may look a little incomprehensible to those on the outside.”

Kasuka shakes his head. A little of the rage his brother feels, he thinks it might exist in him too.

“Now step aside and let me get my clothes," Izaya continues, "And then we can talk about what grown-ups do, like civilized people.”

Kasuka punches him again.

Izaya dodges, his blade slicing through Kasuka’s fine black shirt, but Kasuka uses a trick he learned from a martial arts film to grip Izaya’s arm hard and make him drop his knife.

He intends to use the grip to walk Izaya into the bedroom and lock him in until the driver arrives. He'd like to call the police, but he knows the information dealer will wheedle his way out and the law cannot exact the punishment the abuser deserves. He's still on the way to bedroom anyway, Izaya in tow, but he sees a large open box behind the couch first.

He will only need to go as far as that box to collect the implements of revenge.

From the Outside [part 4/?]

Shizuo blacks out a little. When he comes to, his vision has cleared but he’s still unable to move or speak. He’s on the couch under a blanket. Izaya is tied to a chair and Kasuka is unloading goods from their…sex toy box.

He remembers the shock of seeing Kasuka before he passed out, and from the look of things, his brother’s beaten up Izaya pretty bad. That's a first. He can’t figure out what the hell is going on.

“Ooh, are you going to get your revenge on me, Kasuka?" Izaya says. "You forget all those are mine. It’s not exactly torture. Some of them even belong to your brother! He bought them with that pathetic salary he used to have.”

“Before you locked him up here,” Kasuka replies.

“This is where Shizu-chan and I live our lovey-dovey life,” Izaya coos.

The deadpan man doesn’t reply. He keeps unloading objects.

“Ah, nostalgic,” Izaya comments.

Shizuo agrees. He swears he hasn’t seen some of the toys in years. In Kasuka’s hand now is the purple crystal dildo some yakuza asshole gifted Izaya. He remembers the information broker opening the stupid gift-wrapped box that it came in and laughing his head off.

Kasuka’s long fingers loop through the ring of their favorite anal beads. Then there’s a whole carton of Tenga eggs and Shizuo doesn’t even want to explain. That would mean getting into why he had to throw away a metric ton of masturbation sleeves he tore to shreds before he ever finished in them.

There are way too many condoms, particularly given their general disinterest in wearing them. There’s just enough toy wipes for Izaya to not complain about Shizuo washing stuff off with a dishrag.

By the time Kasuka’s emptied the box, he’s encircled in a satanic sea of sexual devices. Shizuo is lost in memories and increasingly uncomfortable with his brother’s intrusion into his sex life.

It gets worse, of course.

Kasuka replaces the ropes on Izaya with thick leather shackles. They’re still fitted to Izaya – Shizuo remembers quite clearly how the flea hid them under his fur coat until they reached a spot just to the side of a main road. The metal loop clanged viciously against the pole he chained himself to as Shizuo fucked him. Now they keep Izaya’s arms locked behind him as Kasuka bends him over his desk and applies a spreader bar between the informant’s ankles. Good idea, Shizuo thinks. He kicks.

“Hmmm, just like your brother?” Izaya smirks. “You want me too?”

“I would like you to understand the humiliation you’re putting my brother through,” Kasuka says. “And I would like to clear my brother of his delusions about you too.” He returns to the sex toy circle and searches for something.

“Oh, I know veeeery~ well about the first part. Would you like to hear? Anyway, Shizu-chan has no delusions about me, so perhaps you can end the charade here, Kasuka. Acting the role of the jealous brother is really unnecessary.”

Shizuo tries to move to stop things before they get worse. He can see a look on Kasuka’s serene face that he’s pretty sure he’s worn himself. Kasuka’s version is handsomer and subtler, of course.

“I’m not acting or jealous. He deserves much better than a liar and criminal like yourself,” Kasuka selects a chrome-painted vibe, long and wide. Shizuo feels oddly possessive – that one’s his, the one that Izaya uses when he wants Shizuo to feel filled to bursting.

Kasuka plunges the huge vibe between Izaya’s buttcheeks and deep inside. It’s a brutal thrust, swift and sure in a way that telegraphs the expressionless man’s quiet rage. Izaya actually yelps and cringes. Even his sex-slickened inner walls can’t handle an intrusion of that girth gracefully.

“My apologies,” Izaya spits out. “I never knew the Heiwajima brothers were both animals. Your brother’s the gorilla but you’re a chimpanzee. Good with tools, ne?”

Kasuka looks around for tape, finds a roll of clever “caution” duct tape and slaps it across Izaya’s ass. That giant vibe isn’t going anywhere.

“Take it out or I’m going to bleed,” Izaya grits between his teeth.

“My brother must have felt that way when you tied him up,” Kasuka says.

From the Outside [part 5/?]

Shizuo doesn’t like this. He doesn’t like watching his brother being so cruel. He doesn’t like not being able to help Izaya. He wants the drugs to wear off quicker so he can put a stop to everything that's wrong.

Kasuka silently but firmly increases the intensity of Izaya’s torture. He slips a vibrating ring on his half-hard cock. Nipple clamps (okay – Shizuo did not know they owned those) go on the flea’s sensitive nubs. The setting on the vibe goes higher.

Izaya’s a shivering, whining wreck. Shizuo knows his pride must be hurting even worse. Kasuka might be family, but only Ikebukuro’s strongest is allowed to see the information broker’s vulnerabilities.

He’s panting and thrusting into the air now, his cock straining for release. Kasuka removes the cock ring and replaces it with the soft silicon of a Tenga egg. The clear stretchy sleeve covers the length of Izaya’s cock as Kasuka grasps and strokes him. He moans in pleasure, his red face lolling on the desk.

The way Kasuka’s stroking is all wrong. The rhythm doesn’t match what’s in Shizuo’s head. That’s not how Izaya is supposed to be touched. His hand is in the wrong place, twisting the wrong way and it pisses off Shizuo. Izaya isn’t immune -- even though he’s not being touched properly he starts to break down.

“Shizu-chan…” he calls. His bleary eyes fix on his lover. He moans loudly and lewdly as tremors overtake his body. The sweet, familiar sounds of Izaya’s climax make Shizuo’s ears burn with arousal. Kasuka pulls the egg away, semen splattering on the floor.

Now Shizuo’s hard and Kasuka isn’t even close to done.

“Ssstop….” Shizuo forces out.

Kasuka kneels next to Shizuo and shakes his head.

“Orihara can’t help you be the person you want to be. He only encourages the worst in you.”

The words hurt. They’re too direct, and his brother is usually so subtle. Maybe Kasuka’s tired of using subtly on an idiot.

“Nnn…” Shizuo grunts out.

“Your relationship with Orihara shouldn't be a substitution for living life the way you've always dreamed.”

Shizuo’s eyes flutter open wide. “I’m…not….” But he can’t finish. Kasuka’s right – lately he’s taken shelter in this sex haze that being with Izaya can offer him.

Kasuka returns to the man in question, whose knees have buckled. He rips off the tape and the silver vibe spills out of the informant’s ass. It’s shiny with lube, Shizuo’s semen from before, and blood. He slumps to the ground and rolls to his back with a whimper.

Kasuka reaches to insert another toy, the pink bunny dildo with rotating beads that Kanra uses. Before he can grind the thing into Izaya’s abused hole and dig the clit bunny into his balls, the information broker springs into action. His hips swivel and he knocks Kasuka off his feet.

All that parkour has made his core strong—Shizuo knows not to underestimate the flea’s flexibility and strength, but Kasuka doesn’t know and finds himself quickly pinned to the floor. It seems Izaya had been waiting for the right moment, in order to maximize his chances of success. They tussle, but Izaya doesn’t lose position.

“I think that’s enough playing for today,” Izaya says. He’s using his thighs to trap Kasuka’s hands and his body to pin him. “It wouldn’t be in my interest to hurt Shizu-chan’s little brother. It would make him awfully mad, and you see, and even though I think that would be incredibly amusing it would make things awkward between us.”

“My brother deserves to live his life.”

“You’re right, I’m selfish. By keeping Shizu-chan here, I am preventing him from being his best. He hasn’t destroyed a single building in the past few months. What a waste of his true potential, don’t you think?”

“You’re the only one who wants him to be that way, Orihara.”

“If it’s just a matter of taking my pet dog on a few walks, I can certainly do that to appease his little brother. Shall I have him wear a collar?” Izaya laughs.

From the Outside [part 6/?]

Shizuo can finally move a little, and it’s time to put an end to this toxic scene. He reaches down and yanks Izaya’s hair. He’s not close to full strength, but even a fraction of his strength is forceful.

“Oww, Shizu-chan!”

“Big brother,” Kasuka says.

Shizuo gingerly sits up, pulling Izaya up by the hair. He tosses the flailing flea to the couch, then pulls Kasuka up by the arm. The movements make him dizzy, so he rests just a little.

“You're right…Kasuka,” he says. “Been hiding. Sorry…not returning your…calls.”

“That’s okay,” Kasuka says.

“No listen…. You’re right but… I like the stupid flea.”

He turns to Izaya to undo the bondage. There’s a strange look on the information broker’s face that Shizuo watches intently as he fumbles with the handcuffs. Once he gets them open, Izaya swiftly removes the spreader bars.

The three are at a standstill.

Shizuo turns to Kasuka first. “It wasn’t nice what you did…but I forgive you because you’re my brother.”

“So you’re not wanted here anymore, goodbye,” Izaya adds.

“Shut up, flea.” Shizuo twists his arm. “You’re a little shit.”

Shizuo stands up and hugs Kasuka. It’s weird as hell because he’s still kinda hard and the blanket around his waist doesn’t conceal his erection well.

But Kasuka understands. It seems Shizuo has said words that appease him.

“I trust you.” He hugs Shizuo and then gives him the forgotten bottle of milk. Shizuo gulps the whole thing down. Kasuka watches until a notification on his smartwatch distracts him.

“My driver is here. I’ll call you later about dinner on Sunday with Miss Ruri and I.”

“Don’t forget to invite me~ I’d love to tell stories about the fun time we just had.”

They both ignore Izaya. “Sounds good,” Shizuo says. They hug again before Kasuka closes the door behind him.

From the Outside [part 7/7] END

Shizuo sighs and collapses onto the couch. This whole thing was…a lot. The drugs still course through his system, slowing him. He leans back, lying on the couch, and pulls Izaya on top of him where he can hold him and feel his weight. Izaya nuzzles against him, trembling. He’s not in much better shape. All the fear and shame from earlier is catching up to him.

Shizuo’s overcome with a feeling of gratitude that he can be here for his lover like this. He strokes the silky black hair and his hands wander with affirming touches. It’s as Kasuka feared, really. He’s under the spell of this man.

Izaya chuckles and rubs his hips against Shizuo’s. “Seeing me get fucked by your brother turned you on, Shizu-chan? Such a pervert.”

“Shut up. I was already hard,” It’s a half-lie.

That’s the end of the banter. Izaya sneaks his hand between Shizuo’s thighs and rubs his cock.

“Shizu-chan wants to feel good,” Izaya teases. “But he can’t be inside me, I’m all tore open.”

“That’s not sexy, flea.”

“You’re nothing but sexy, Shizuo. You make me think of sex all the time. Even when your brother’s fucking me, all I can think of is you.”

“Shut up,” the reprimand is softer.

“It’s true, that's how much I want you. I want you to feel so good, Shizu-chan.”

He does feel good, just having Izaya against him like this. He feels even better when the flea pumps his cock with delicious, firm strokes. The flea's other hand is occupied with the side of Shizuo’s face, caressing it and threading his fingers into the hair around his ear.

Being with Izaya is so good. It’s sinful. It’s twisted and fucked up, but it’s this too: sweet and simple and just as full of passion.

Shizuo’s hips thrust as orgasm builds. His cock buzzes with pleasure and Izaya’s warm against him and he comes bursts of semen into expectant hands.

“Shizu-chan’s so messy,” Izaya laughs, pulling his white-stained hands up. Shizuo licks the juice off his fingers. He doesn’t mind the taste his own seed, it’s vaguely sweet. He doesn’t think he could put up resistance anyway.

Izaya smiles and sighs, head flopping onto Shizuo’s chest like a dead weight. He traces circles on his lover’s arm. Shizuo flops the arm around him and holds him tight. Izaya squeezes back.

“Hey, Shizu-chan. Let’s go out for dinner.”

“Sounds good, flea.”

Well, that's it. A shortish fill – I just really loved this prompt with the core idea of Kasuka not really understanding what a “healthy” relationship between Shizuo and Izaya looks like. Thanks for reading!

Re: From the Outside [part 7/7] END

Thanks for the fill!! It was great!

Re: From the Outside [part 7/7] END

Thank you~ <3 I wasn't sure if anyone was even reading, so I appreciate your comment!

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Original prompt from Part 4:

Shizaya - no condom

Shizaya (yeah I know lol)

Izaya wants Shizuo to put on a condom during sex because he hates having to wash himself out all the time.

At first Shizuo obliges, but then takes it off when Izaya's not noticing and fucks him while holding him down despite Izaya's protests once he realizes Shizuo's gone back on his word.

And then Shizuo ejaculates into him repeatedly just because he can. Oh yay.

Bareback in Ikebukuro [part 1/3]

The small colorful plastic package slapped against the love hotel’s bed.

“Ribbed on BOTH sides, Shizu-chan,” Izaya said curtly. “Please use one.”

The blond bartender glanced at the condoms. “No.”

“Shizuo, you do know there is such a thing as consent?” Izaya said, hands on his hips and annoyed to be having this conversation again. “I’ve told you repeatedly that I dislike having your monstrous seed run out of me for hours every time we tryst.”

“Shut up, I said I’m not interested in wearing ‘em,” Shizuo gruffed.

Izaya resisted the urge to fling a knife the way of his sometimes-lover sometimes-enemy. Instead he simply made to leave. “I hate you, Shizu-chan. You’re not getting to screw this wonderful specimen of a human being tonight. Have fun masturbating your monster dick all by yourself!”

Before Izaya was out the door, predictably, Shizuo growled and threw Izaya to the bed. Izaya would have resisted…if only Shizuo’s preposterous strength wasn’t such an overwhelming turn-on. Shamefully, Izaya’s cock became a red-hot rod anchoring him in place. Shizuo seemed to be in a similar aroused state. He quickly stripped Izaya of his pants and lowered his own enough to draw out his dick.

“I feel so desired being tossed around and stripped,” Izaya chirped sarcastically. “You really know the way to a girl’s heart, Shizu-chan. Or I guess you don’t, considering you've never had a girlfriend. I suppose that’s why you’ve never learned to use condoms.”

Rewarded with being shoved deeper into the mattress by strong hands, Izaya found the air knocked out of him and a hungry beast licking at his genitals.

“Breathtaking, Shizu-chan,” he giggled.

There was no shame in getting hard from Shizu-chan’s efforts. Izaya did it all the time, after all. Plus, the chain-smoker’s oral fixation was well put to use on Izaya’s cock. All those motor skills honed on tonguing tobacco sticks weren’t going to waste. If only Izaya’s constant pestering hadn’t made Shizu-chan even more unapproachable than the stoic-at-best blond already was, someone else might have benefited from Shizu-chan’s exquisitely profound oral fixation. (Here's looking at you, Tom Tanaka.) As it was, that tongue belonged solely to Izaya Orihara.

Stiff and buzzy when Shizuo unlatched his gifted sucker, Izaya couldn’t help reaching down to finger himself. It was a pleasure that all the sex with Shizuo had given him a distinct taste for. Whether or not a cock followed was irrelevant.

“What’re you doing?” Shizuo frowned. “Thought you didn’t want to fuck.”

“I’m simply enjoying myself,” Izaya breathed heavily, smiling. “Though I’ll be well prepared should you change your protozoan brain and wear protection.”

He could basically see the gears turning in Shizuo’s stupid brain. Honestly, the man was so easy to read.

As Shizuo ripped off a condom and tore open the package with a frown, Izaya purred, “So you’ve decided to at least act like a human instead of a beast.”

“How the hell does this go on?” Shizuo complained, latex sheath hovering above his considerable length.

“Stop, I’m sure your beastly strength will break it,” Izaya sighed. He shooed away Shizuo’s useless hands and rolled the condom down the familiar shaft. The fit was tight, and the blood-filled flesh smashed dramatically against latex confines. He was a bit sorry for Shizuo, but more than adequately turned on by the sight of his lover’s excessively virile member.

A strong hand pressed Izaya down onto all fours. It was a rather common position for them; he loved how he got to enjoy Shizuo’s cock without having to deal with the monster’s stupid face. And did he mention how deep Shizuo could get when Izaya was bent over?

The first thrusts did not disappoint. Never one for taking things slowly, Shizuo set an excruciating pace, one that Izaya was never prepared for, no matter how many times he was fucked. The monster’s cock so thoroughly filled him that he felt well-used after just a few thrusts.

The sensory overload took him deep into a place of ecstasy that only Shizuo could bring him. He couldn’t do anything while taking Shizuo’s cock, just receive the waves of pleasure and warmth rolling over him.

Bareback in Ikebukuro [part 2/3]

As if sensing how close they were already getting, Shizuo pulled out and then re-entered, going slower. Izaya moaned, the change in tempo washing him with fresh waves of arousal.

“Yes, yes, Shizu-chan,” he moaned.

He was buzzy, moving quickly towards his peak when his partner grunted, the dick inside him swelled and twitched, and released its load of hot semen inside him.


“Shizu--!” Izaya cried indignantly. The condom had definitely been on, he had put it on himself! But now cum was dribbling out of his ass and if he concentrated he could tell the sensations prickling his hole were of skin on skin. “The condom!”

“Took it off,” Shizuo said.

“What?!” Izaya demanded. He twisted to knife his partner, but the hand on his shoulder pressed down like a lead weight. A second hand crushed his other shoulder. He could not move. “What do you think you’re doing, beast?!”

“Stay just like that, Izaya-kun,” Shizuo said, dangerous and low.

A stiff presence slapped against Izaya’s ass, and frantically he squirmed against Shizuo’s hold.

“Don’t you dare!” he growled, never hating Shizuo’s quick refractory period more.

“Stay,” Shizuo commanded, jostling his helpless partner as he pushed in again.

Izaya cried out. He hated it so much! He already felt filthy because of the come dripping down his leg, and the beast was still abusing his hole. It was positively, frustratingly filthy and hot.

His flagging erection coaxed back to interest, though insults flowed freely from his mouth. Before long, he was on the edge again, desperate for some touch on his poor cock. Shizuo, not facing the same challenge and having more than enough friction against his cock, once again groaned long and low and more come spurted into Izaya’s cavity.

“I’m going to kill you, Shizu-chan, you’re the absolute worst,” Izaya growled, shaking with rage.

The beast didn’t see it fit to pull out—did he honestly think he could go again?

The answer was yes. Just a minute or so after coming, Shizuo started thrusting again. His ragged breathing was quite audible and Izaya hated how it was working his already aroused state toward climax.

But even as Shizuo fucked him into a hot mess, he couldn’t climax without some stimulation to his dick.

“Shizu-chan,” Izaya begged, hating himself as much as his enemy. “If you don’t touch me, I really will kill you and your entire family.”

“Don’t fucking joke about that,” Shizuo said gruffly. “Just come from my cock.”

“If I could,” Izaya gritted his teeth, “don’t you think I would have?”

“Then touch it yourself,” Shizuo released Izaya’s arms, and as soon as the pressure released, pain flooded in. His bruised and numb arms refused to obey his commands and he lay just as spread open and helpless as before.

“I can’t, you miserable beast,” Izaya complained. He knew he wasn’t cutting a very authoritative picture with Shizuo’s cock still pummeling his cum-filled ass but he went for a commanding tone anyway. “Touch me!”

“Too bad,” Shizuo pounded him relentlessly, large hands settled on Izaya’s hips instead of on his throbbing cock where they belonged.

With a great deal of effort, Izaya shrugged feeling back into his arm and reached down to tug on himself. His primed body perked immediately; a bead of precum formed in his slit.

He was so close. The friction of his hand stroking just the right way brought him to the edge. As more cum slid down his thigh, Izaya released his own aching load onto the sheets.

Bareback in Ikebukuro [part 3/3 end]

After the blissful white-out of orgasm, he gained awareness just in time to feel Shizuo grip his hips and sink in deep to release his third load. Izaya groaned in frustration. Thankfully, after his insides were again painted with thick semen, the iron grip on his sides disappeared. Both men collapsed, spent.

Come bubbled out of Izaya’s ass, leaking onto the bed.

“What the hell is so wrong with you that you can’t follow simple directions?” Izaya seethed. “Why did you take the condom off?”

“Couldn’t feel you,” Shizuo said.

Izaya’s heart clenched for a second, swooning to the sweetness of Shizuo’s words. Then a twitch of his abused and drenched asshole a second later erased the appeal of the saccharine sentiment.

“Real cute, Shizu-chan,” Izaya said. “I won’t be able to walk anywhere for hours.”

The room was silent for a few moments, then suddenly the bed creaked and a weight settled between his legs.

“What now, monster? You can’t possibly go another round—“ Izaya gasped as a tongue lapped at his sensitive hole.

Shizuo licked up every drop of his own come with thorough strokes of his wide tongue. His oral fixation apparently extended to sucking the come out of his lover until saliva trails were all that remained of the sticky white mess.

Shizuo locked eyes with Izaya when he finished. The blond was blushing.

“If getting messy bothers you, just let me clean you up,” he stated.

Izaya laughed and kicked Shizuo lightly. “As if I wanted to be licked by a dog!”

Shizuo frowned, embarrassed. “I thought it would help…”

Izaya sat up, feeling much better now that his nemesis was cowed. “Die.”

Izaya jumped up and stretched. “I’ll be in the shower cleaning off the rest of your disgusting fluids. Hope not to see you when I get out.”

When he emerged from the delicious, healing steam of the hot shower, Shizuo was indeed gone. And so were the rest of the condoms, with him.

Izaya smiled.

The end :D

Masaomi/Anri, fighting is hot

Original prompt:

"Lol, I haven't requested het in forever but anon was recently converted to liking Kida/Anri.

So, can I get something with them together?

I'm okay with most anything, but anon wouldn't mind if Kida ended up seeing Anri kick quite a few yellow scarves asses was seriously turned on by that (although equally horrified since he'd thought she was weak).

Writer anon could skip to smut or whatever there, but OP would LOVE if they fought physically first. (I don't care who wins, though probably Kida since I don't think Anri would want to cut him and convert him to being one of Saika's children?)"

Better to make (out) than fight anyways [1/5]

It was really dark. Places where fifteen-year-olds shouldn't be at this time of the evening.

Dark, indeed, but the light was just enough that he could tell who this girl was. She was unmistakable to him.

They stared into each other deeply, a mere inch apart, heartbeats resounding heavy and in unison where their wrists dangled and met.

Masaomi wished he didn't have to say this, not where he was, not like this. "... Anri?"

Her eyes parted from him, as if she cowered a little. Not because of him, perhaps, but because of the responses, the reasons she wasn't ready to give.

He really doesn't want her to be scared of him, though maybe considering she's here into their territory for whichever reason, should he be the one scared instead? He can't wrap his mind around that.

"I don't know why you're here, I don't know how- how you know. But if you're worried about me, then don't be." Kida says softly, unable to read her.

The background noise is that of running footsteps, of all the Yellow Scarves members who are still out looking in the night, for this one girl who's come to spy on them.

So before he can speak, even move, she puts a hand to his mouth, and it surprises him how he doesn't flinch, how he feels no opposition to this at all.

"This is... no time to talk, Kida-kun. Sorry." Sonohara looks down, doesn't know what else to say. She gives him a last look, as though willing him to understand, before slipping away from the slim space.

The blond stood still, as if frozen by the rush of everything caught up to now. Why would she be here? This is not... how he wanted her to know, if at all, and had she known longer? His head came to rest on the wall in front of him, as if the weight of his thoughts brought it there.

"It's the Slasher!" The alarmed voice brought Masaomi back into reality, into the tight container alley where he was still hidden.

He pulled up the metal-beam-made-weapon that had long been dropped, walking out into the larger area. The light from outside the warehouse got to here faintly. Hurried scurrying and battle noises caught up his senses, and his legs led him to where he could hear them.

Masaomi's breath stuck in his throat when he did get to the scene.

Never had he really entertained the thought of Anri fighting, getting physical and fierce. He wonders if he should have. There's a beauty to her movements, the sparse kicks and many more dodges and off-backing. His eyes follow the bounces and the muscle of her legs and he has to swallow dryly, excitement and fear coming to boil inside him.

She looks - gorgeous like that. Graceful and firm and wielding the katana that must someway be connected to that slasher title; defending herself in a way Masaomi had never entertained. The blade was long and forced his boys to keep their distance, to think thrice before trying anything with her.

Re: Better to make (out) than fight anyways [2/5]


And of course Koji is just ready to speed past the thinking process.

He doesn't know what ultimately pushes him into the first step of many – the desire to get closer to her like this, or to defend Yatabe.

But what matters is that he's now right next to them, rusted beam raised to force Yatabe's knife into a halt, voice breathless as he commands- "Take the guys and leave."

Anri has stopped, the blade in her palms faltering just a bit.

"But- boss-! She's too dangerous to take on alone!" Yatabe argued and his eyes were pulsing with determination, always the readimost to die for the cause.

"I got this." Masaomi insisted, unable to help an odd rush of adrenaline-addled glee from the situation to spread to his lips. Hopefully that'd make his pal trust him. "Take them home, please."

Yatabe seemed to hesitate for a long while, but the fact the Slasher was not attacking led him to finally nod and withdraw back to the hideout, shooting glances behind his shoulder all the while.

"Kida-kun-" Anri began, voice soft as though she hadn't just single-handedly almost knocked out about 7 guys, but Yatabe and the others who were still conscious had their eyes on the two of them for a glance, and he'd said that he got this, didn't he.

The thrown punch was faster than her tongue.

She dodged by a hair, and he could have just as easily gotten distracted by the shining red glow of her eyes, but he didn't let up, threateningly trying to close distance as she avoided him, being extra careful with her blade - this made it so they were pushing farther back and out of vision, which is what he sought.

After parrying his beam with kicks at least twice, Sonohara decided to slash it apart, its two cleanly cut pieces coming to drop on the ground, and an excited thrill ran through Kida's blood because honestly, that could have been his arm.

She seemed so keen on not touching his skin with it, though. But he doesn't want to hurt her, either, not actually, and once he feels they might be far enough into the shadows, he drives his fist against her shoulder; and before she could react he had a grip on her elbow to try and twist it a little to disarm her of that katana.

As much as he was strong and agile himself, the weapon seemed almost glued to her and would not drop; this flaw gave Anri more than enough time to untwist her arm and twist his right back. With a force that had sparks circuiting fierce through him.

Anri tackled him with her hip at the same time she made their arms let go, and with his legs already weak, Masaomi fell to the ground with a mute thud. Somehow, he noted, her katana was gone now.

She was on top of him in a moment, straddling him with her strong legs and keeping him to the dark floor with a firm grip. He immediately said, "They're no longer watching. It's ok."

With these words, some of Anri's tension seemed to soften, and the sounds of fighting died down to give way to their breaths.

Masaomi had to hiss when she settled more relaxedly upon him, because it aligned their waists just so and she was there, gorgeous and strong on top of him, huffing with exertion, the menacing glow of her eyes turned back to dark and deep just as when they were sharing the moment back in the container crevasse.

"Kida-kun?" Anri was worried with that hiss, afraid she'd been a little too rough when retaliating, but then he was raising his head to meet hers in a kiss and he transported some of the sparks flying through him right into her. She gasped against him, the sharp intake of breath allowing their mouths to mold wetly against each other in a much different sort of fight than the one they were engaged in minutes ago.

The leader pulled her down with him, and he could only whimper when he felt the fullness of her breasts pressing into his chest. He was hard and wanting and this was probably wrong on at least a few levels but the haze of arousal didn't let him think twice as he began pulling up her coat.

Flinching at the instrusive contact, Anri shivered above him and curled up closer to his body. A little voice whined in the back of Masaomi's head, because he wouldn't be able to see her well like that. His hands would have to do all the work then~

Better to make (out) than fight anyways [3/5]

Anri pressed her face against Masaomi's flushed neck to muffle a noise when his hands found her mounds, immediately moving her bra pieces away from them to touch them directly. Little moans still found their way out of her mouth as Masaomi sighed pleasurably by her ear, fingers wantonly rubbing at her soft skin, squeezing, catching her nipples between the pads of his thumb and forefinger and rolling them in ways she'd never even imagined. "You okay?" He asked to be sure, realizing it was hard to quit while he was ahead.

She nodded, not really keen on speaking in such an embarrassing situation.

"Good." He murmured, a joy in his voice that affected her even as he gave small licks to her ear, hands finding a suitable pace in lovingly fondling her breasts. Anri's breath was quickening and her body was reflexively squirming, so unused to this kind of pleasure.

Her hips moved of their own accord, seeking anything to relieve the newfound pressure that arousal brought, and in doing so she tore a rather surprised moan from the boy beneath her. His hands had ceased moving then, which allowed her to recollect herself a little, raising her head to look at his expression.

Masaomi was a shade redder than she was and his breath a little heavier. There was a deep loving want in his eyes, like molten citrine, slightly pleading- and he felt he was just so hard and he really needed more.

"Anri", he murmured lowly, the tone of his voice matching his eyes, and the girl couldn't bear to look because her heart was pounding so much already with all the ways he was treating her.

"Masaomi," She says weakly back, and he swore he almost came then and there because it's probably the first time she's spoken his name and it's just too much.

It's hot and stifling between the two of them, and so Anri lifts up a little, biting her lip at the chill of the damp night air on her exposed torso and the way she can feel Masaomi throbbing against her.

She feels bad, having come to spy on them, fighting Masaomi and now having him give her these sweet overwhelming sensations while giving nothing in return- she truly is a parasite, must be, she thinks.

So she lets her hands guide themselves down; it's dark and difficult to see, but she feels his bulge and caresses it ("Mhhh- Ah-"), hot and straining beneath her fingertips, and thinks that since she's exposed it might not be unfair to expose him too.

It startles her at first because he's wet, biting his lip just like she did with the contact of cold air on him, and before he can say anything she begins to stroke him. Anri has never touched a boy there so she's not sure how to, but the way Masaomi moans her name and bucks into her touch must mean something positive because it's getting both of them even hotter.

"Anri!" He calls, a little louder this time, and she feels his hand grasp onto her wrist. "Please, ah- Please kiss me again."

Better to make (out) than fight anyways [4/5]


She swallows, remembering he was the one to make that advance at first, but her innate inhibition fights a losing battle to the want she feels creeping up her spine. The way her friend looked at her with such adoration, a kind she's never really experienced from anyone, makes her unable to want anything else.

Anri dips down onto him, catching his lips, chaste and sloppy for a moment before he licks into her mouth and makes her shudder. She still palms him with the heel of her hand and makes him gasp, but what she doesn't expect is his hand running up her thigh. It makes her almost freeze for a second.

The thought of Kida touching her there was kind of overwhelming, in a longing kind of way, but she's not sure she could handle that now despite the heat that envelops them - and so she draws back her arm, repositions herself and grinds her crotch down on his bare length.

Out of her is an almost inaudible whine for the electrifying sensation, while Masaomi nearly sobs. His hand has lifted from her thigh to grip desperately at her hip, and the warmth is dense, searing where her underwear meets his skin.

"Is this okay?" She asks, pants, unsure if her weight is too much on where he's sensitive.

"More," He replies with a hint of urgency, kissing her neck, "If you can, Anri, please..."

She would've wanted it too, instinctively, and has no protests this time when he finds the zipper of her coat and drags it down, exposing her chest with the already messily displaced bra. As she starts pressing her hips down on him, she sees his expression stutter, sucking in a breath before he says, "Aaah, Anri-chan, you're so beautiful..."

Compliments still abash her in a situation like this, and she closes her eyes and trusts him when he leans in to place his mouth on her breast, kissing and licking the fullness. Sonohara never quite felt like this, in this small foggy eternity of grinding against her friend as he nuzzles her chest and sucks on her nipples, his breath feverish against her skin, small gasps slipping from both of them with the building sensations.

The space between them feels wet and intimate and Anri starts to feel Masaomi try to cant his hips against hers despite being pressed so firmly to the ground, and she grips his bleached locks, melts and melts further with his increasing desperation.

Better to make (out) than fight anyways [5/5]


His mouth draws slick away from her, his breathing harsh and her name continuously slipping from his lips like he's broken and doesn't know how to say anything else. She can feel him even more intensely against her core, twitching and throbbing and then his head falls back and his eyes fall shut and he moans weakly, and it feels much slicker where they touch.

Anri doesn't stop rubbing down, seeing his expression like that and his whole body shuddering under her a flick to a lighter that makes her run after that edge as well. And she reaches it when he kisses her again, all tired and dazed but it doesn't matter because he suckles her tongue and makes her blanch.

She's toppled on him and stays like so, out of it, until she hears a faint "Anri... breathe..." And lifts herself off him so he can do just that, falling to the side, so they can both be held up by the ground.

Their panting fills the damp air, the cold seeping in now that their heat is dissipating. Kida pulls her closer to counter that a little, placing his head atop hers affectionately.

Usually, Masaomi is the one to always fill the silence. Relevant or not, he'll always have something to say. This silence isn't stifling, though, not like earlier. She doesn't feel like an enemy in this situation, as circumstances could have pointed her to be. With his arm draped over her, she's a friend, even now.

He simply... trusted...

Sonohara fixed her coat up with some difficulty to stifle the cold. Masaomi had taken him arm from over her to reach for his phone and fix himself up as well, beginning to type up a lot.

At her curious glance, he explained; "I'm just telling the guys that it's all right. So they don't worry."

That's a bit sweet, she thinks, but also smart. It would be best if no one came to check on them right now. Even with the darkness coating over any possible evidence of that... Impromptu thing.

He looks back at her, eyes sincere and with a depth of vulnerability. "Was that... alright?"

She nodded, before he could doubt or apologize. That he was still safe - for here, for now - is all she could wish.

Masaomi leans in hesitantly and kisses her forehead, and she lets her hand brace on his chest in turn. He seemed to relax then, feeling her lean back against him.

"I'll walk you home if you want?" He nuzzled into the side of her face. "Or you can come with me to mine."

As much as the latter option seems tempting, so tempting, Anri knows she should go back home. Perhaps as he walks her, she can think further on it.

"We can start walking." She conceded, making to stand up. It's not overly comfortable to get off the floor, and she almost misses the warmth of his hoodie already. "If you... if it's alright to take me home."

"Of course it's alright. Now I know you wouldn't need me to defend yourself, but... I'll be damned if I don't try." Kida responded, reminded her with a twitch of his mouth just how much she missed his smile.

Anri lets herself smile a little, too. "I'll feel safer with you."

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