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regarding update 88
So Livejournal has basically fucked all comment-fic memes over with update 88 - if you haven't heard about it, there's a few posts on durarara summing it up.

In response, I am currently employing the workaround described here (many thanks to the many, many people who've pointed this out to me!). Unfortunately, this requires that the account be upgraded to Plus which basically means that ads are back and I sincerely apologize for that. (If they bother you, downloading the Adblock Plus extension for Firefox/Google Chrome will get rid of them.)

Hopefully this will work until we can find a better workaround/LJ makes this stupid update optional/pigs fly. Sorry about the delay in responding (I was traveling), and thank you for continuing to put up with these problems!

(And if this bothers you - which it should, since we've lost a huge chunk of functionality and we've only gotten a semblance of it back through a crude workaround, then please: continue to complain (especially if you have paid accounts), and sign the petition circulating.)

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so far, no change for me

My LJ hasn't been affected, yet. *knock on wood* but I am very active in trying to get things left alone. LJ's ideas of "improvements" is total BS. Sure I don't use subject lines all the time, but sometimes they are quite necessary, especially in groups like this and RPGs.

Ah! Sorry to disturb you, since I don't really know if it is only my case; but the new layout somehow stopped working for me. As I said, I don't know if it's LJ's fault or maybe my browser's fault or something like that. It had been working for me until today, until one hour ago, now it reverted back to the nasty LJ update. I don't know if that's the case of other anons and I don't mean to disturb you, I just felt like informing you.
Thank you very much~

hey there, is the layout back for you? i accidentally changed the option while i was playing around haha.

Yes! Thank you very much \(^_^)/ and sorry if I was being annoying! :)

hehe not a problem, you're not being annoying either ^^ it's helpful when people point things out to me that i did wrong/should improve on with this community~

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