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Wow I can't believe we made part 10! I don't know how active this will continue going on, but thank you for all the requests and fills we get throughout, we really appreciate you guys keeping this going!

Anyway, same as always! Anything goes, so don't be afraid to request what you want. Try to fill one for every one you request! And please read the rules before you post. :D

When you post an update, please post it in this format:

kink 1(, kink 2, etc.)

additional details about the request.

There is an example here if you're not sure. This makes it boatloads easier for the Delicious archivers, the russia_sushi updaters, and for everyone to read, so win/win!

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Shizaya -- Pay attention in class!

Shizuo/Izaya -- alternate age, high school setting, student/teacher

Okay, so, I've read many, many, MANY fics that usually have Izaya chasing after Shizuo (and having to jump over many obstacles in the process) and I want a little change of pace. So! Why not have Shizuo chase after Izaya? But with a little, tiny, extra kink: Instead of being a fellow student in high school, Izaya's actually one of his teachers~ And, to top it off, he's pretty darn popular with a lot, and I mean A LOT, of students.


+ Shizuo befriends Mairu and Kururi without knowing they are Izaya's sisters. After he finds out the three are related, he starts making up excuses just to visit the three at their house. Extra, extra, extra bonus points if Izaya thinks he has a crush on one of his sisters and teases him about it.

+ Jealous!Shizuo appears when Izaya starts praising Shinra for being his top student.

+ Shizuo threatens and scares off a lot of the boys/girls that like Izaya. He also tries to have Mairu and Kururi give him alone time with their brother (whether the twins allow it or not is up to you~)

+ Every single time Shizuo tries to hint to Izaya he likes him, the hinting goes waaaay above Izaya's head despite the fact that he sometimes flirts/teases his fellow co-workers and students.

+ A happy ending is greatly appreciated~ and if smut is included, I'd prefer if Shizuo topped from the bottom.

Re: Shizaya -- Pay attention in class!

This. This is awesome. This must be filled. I second. I second this so much. Pppfffttt. What if one of Izaya's sisters had a crush on Shizuo as well?
Somebody, fill this NOW.

OP here~

I wouldn't mind Mairu or Kururi having a crush on Shizuo~ it'd give Izaya more chances to tease his poor admirer.

Re: Shizaya -- Pay attention in class!

OMG this prompt is beautiful. Thirding!!!

Re: Shizaya -- Pay attention in class!


Re: Shizaya -- Pay attention in class!

hhahaha! Yes!

Re: Shizaya -- Pay attention in class!

PLEASE. I WANT THIS. Someone fill it and it will be the best Christmas gift ever.


Truthfully, I've thought of filling this myself, but I'm working on another fill right now...

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Re: Shizaya -- Pay attention in class!

I hope someone fills!

*hopes with you*

A wild A!A appeared.

I'm not good with smut, so I don't want to pressure myself with that...but I think it's an interesting prompt, and having read 123801381098 yaoi in which the student chases after the teacher I'm interested. Do you want me to write this, OP? I'm not very good at writing, but I'll try to make it the best I can!

After the Snow Melts (1/?)

The school was filled with mumbles. Everyone mumbled, but soon after that, they started to gain confidence and the quiet sounds evolved to something more. They started to shout, because everyone else was shouting, too, and the sound was more than unbearable.

“Please…get out of my way.” A tall blonde said, walking over to his classmates, and telling them to get away. Everyone went to the side, fearing the brutish boy. He just continued to walk and entered the classroom, where the noises were even worse than on the hallways.

Spotting his seat, he just moved directly into that direction, not talking to anyone, not even watching anyone. He just looked at the ground and sat down coldly.

“Hey, Shizuo!” A noisy boy said, his glasses shining with the bright lights. “How are you?”

“I’m fine Shinra.” Shizuo said sighing. He watched, annoyed, how the boy took seat next to him. He hated his homeroom teacher for putting him there, next to him. That way, he would just get annoyed during class, with Shinra’s ‘I know the answer to this’ or ‘This is too easy…’ or ‘I think this is the best way to do it’.

Lost in thought, he noticed that his pencil was up his mouth, and he was nabbing on it, peeling the wood out of it. He got disgusted and quickly tossed the pencil to the side, almost breaking its tip, when something else got his attention.

“Please, take your seat.” A young voice said.

Silence reigned in the room. All the girls stayed in silence, watching how the slim figure made its entrance to the room. Even the boys got quiet, and quickly, everyone sat down.

Shizuo felt his heart beating at an unreasonable fast speed. Shinra seemed to notice because of the pink blush that rose to his face. He giggled and chuckled, but looked to the front.

“Good. I like it when the class is silent. Don’t you think it’s the best way to work?” The teacher said. Everyone quietly nodded, as if they were hypnotized by him. “Hm…what nice students I have.”

The girls blushed and Shizuo looked at them with dread, but they didn’t seem to notice, or even care. Shinra chuckled even more. ”Shizuo! We’re in class!” he even added.

The blonde just ignored him and looked at the front, and he immediately felt like blushing even more. That stupid teacher!

Izaya Orihara was a really young teacher. Not only he was young, he was beautiful, too. He had raven hair, always in that style that attracted girls. It always looked as if he didn’t have had the time to comb himself in the morning. But the best were his eyes. That red suited his pale skin so much, Shizuo didn’t know what to do when they pierced him. He always thought he would see into his soul and he was ashamed of it, too.

He had been a really intelligent student, and had finished his studies with only 19 years of age. With 20 he started working as a teacher in the same school Shizuo attended, so there were only four years of distance between each other, still the blonde thought of it as an not-accomplishable dream.

“Well, is everyone ready?” He asked, turning around and sitting on top of the desk, crossing his legs and looking at his students. Shizuo blushed and felt small.

“Yes~!” The students screamed.

“Good.” The raven-hair looked to his right and took a book, opening it and reading it.

“You know this is literature, but I kind of feel like doing something else, don’t you agree?” He smirked. “Do you want to take it easy today? We don’t have any exams approaching and-“

“Does Izaya-sensei have a girlfriend?” One of the boys asked. “That’s why he’s so easy-going today.”

The brunet chuckled, closing his eyes in the cutest manner Shizuo could think of. He sighed at the question, but there was always a possibility that he answered with a ‘No’.

After the Snow Melts (2/?)

“Well, that’s none of your concern.” He smirked. “But if you’re really that interested in knowing it, I’ll tell you that it has nothing to do. I’m really not in the mood to deal with you guys today.”

“So sensei can have a bad day, too.”

“You can call it like that, if you want.” Izaya chuckled again. Then, his eyes got glued to Shizuo. Shizuo tried to fight back a blush.

“Wow, Shizuo…” He said. “You’re kind of red…are you sure you are okay?”

‘Fuck…’ The blonde thought. Everyone’s gaze turned to him, and he felt lots of pairs of eyes piercing him. He gulped down.

Izaya jumped off the desk in a very graceful manner, as if he were a cat. Then he approached the blonde. Shizuo gulped down again. He was really nervous. He hadn’t been that close to the teacher ever. His heart-beat increased and he felt like dying.

He tried looking to the ground putting an “It’s nothing, really” as an excuse. But Izaya’s warm hand made its way to the blonde’s forehead.

“Uh…it looks like…” Shizuo blushed even more while the other said those words. “It looks like you have a fever.”

Everyone stayed in silence while looking at him.

“Do you feel sick, Shizuo.” Izaya said. The blonde negated with his head.

“Nah, don’t worry. We won’t be doing anything today because I don’t feel like it. Just exercises and such, so don’t worry. Nothing will happen.” He smiled. Shizuo blushed even more when noticing Izaya’s hand was still on his forehead. He felt his hands sweating and he gulped one more time before nodding.

“I…I don’t mind staying here…”

“Now, now…don’t be such a hot headed child and behave, all right? I’m giving you the chance to sleep at the infirmary, so don’t worry.” Izaya said, pushing Shizuo up, and dragging him along his side.

“Wait here and be good students while I help Shizuo, okay?” He told the students and dragged the confused blonde out of the classroom.

Shizuo stayed silent for the first track. There was a long way to the infirmary, so it was his best chance to talk to his crush. Why wasn’t he using it?

“Ahm…” He sighed. “I’m…not really sick so I don’t mind staying in your class.”

Izaya turned around and chuckled, letting Shizuo’s wrist go and facing him. “You sure about that?”

Shizuo nodded, not daring to look at the piercing crimson eyes.

After the Snow Melts (3/?)

“Well, be glad I saved your ass, Shizuo.” He smirked. “So don’t say anything. Do you think I didn’t notice how you were blushing? If the students had noticed, they’d start the rumours, and I don’t want you to feel bad, now do I?”

Shizuo’s eyes widened, he wasn’t awaiting that answer.

“So, just continue doing as if the fever was the cause of your blush and stop talking.” Izaya said, cutting all the opportunities to talk, and turning around, walking with Shizuo.

“Uh…” Shizuo walked along him, not daring to say another word about anything. He just sighed until they reached the white hall. There, a man greeted him.

“Oh, Orihara…What is the problem?” A white coated man smiled, while covering his forehead with his hand. Shizuo noticed there was a scar up his face. He was really scary, as if he was like a crazy doctor.

“One of my students got sick, Shiki-san…If you understand what ‘sick’ means, so I’m sparing him lots of troubles. Take care of him for me, okay?” Izaya winked and waved.

“Get better soon, Shizu-chan!” He said, giggling and leaving the hall.

Shizuo stood around not quite sure of what to do.

“Well, be glad. You’ve got a whole lesson free. You are free to leave whenever you feel like it.” Shiki said, smiling at him. “Please, lay down.”

The blonde looked at him with suspicious eyes, not knowing if that was the best thing to do.

“Izaya sure is popular.” Shiki sighed, while sitting down on a chair next to Shizuo. Shizuo looked at him with tired eyes. “I sure wouldn’t mind being that popular.”

“What do you mean?” Shizuo sighed.

“I mean…you don’t notice? He’s the youngest and hottest teacher around.” Shiki smirked. “Everyone is after him. Excepting the older teachers, that are married and have kids. I mean…only last week he got ten letters of anonymous students that confessed their love to him. Poor weaklings.”

Shizuo got angry by hearing those words. He just sighed and looked at the black-haired ‘doctor’. “What did he do?”

“He kept them, but didn’t even read them. I feel bad for the ones that wrote that, but at least he didn’t throw them away.” Shiki smirked.

“But…does he have a girlfriend?”

“So, you’re interested in him, too?” Shiki laughed.

Shizuo blushed, and quickly moved his hands in response. “Of-Of-Course not! It’s just because a kid asked, so I got curious. You seem to know so much about him, so…”

“No. He doesn’t have a girlfriend. At least, I think so. He lives alone, in an apartment complex not far away from school. He brings his own food, he doesn’t have rings, not even a photo of anyone. Either he’s a heartless boyfriend, or he’s just not interested in having a relationship.” Shiki said.

“I see.” Shizuo sighed. “It’s really complicated to be this popular, I think.”

“Nah, not at all. He bears it with much enthusiasm. In truth, he loves observing everyone. So it amuses him seeing how many girls and boys and teachers try to flirt with him.” Shiki fantasized, laughing. “I think he always questions himself why him, and not anyone else.”

“I think it’s pretty much clear.” Shizuo answered, but quickly reassured what he had said. “I mean…he’s pretty. Everyone says that.”

“Yeah, if he wanted, he could have applied for modelling instead of teaching. And he’s wicked, so I don’t understand why he chose school for a living. I mean…He is pretty heartless.” Shiki said.

“You seem to know really much about him, now…” Shizuo said.

“That’s because I’m his friend, silly.”

“Wow, I hadn’t thought teachers would be friends with each other.”

“You really are dumb if you think that way.” Shiki said, sighing.

After the Snow Melts (3.5/?)

But the blonde had fallen asleep. Shiki chuckled and looked at the door. Maybe he would wake the kid up after a while. After all, nobody came to the infirmary when he was there. It was pretty much a coincidence. Or maybe it was just that he was scary. He didn’t know, but he didn’t care either.

“It’s the first time Izaya accompanies someone to the infirmary. More over, it’s the first time he covers for something.” He observed, sighing. “What are you planning, Izaya?”

He chuckled and looked at the deeply asleep Shizuo that was just resting against the sheets, clinging to them. Maybe he was ill for real, and it wasn’t just an excuse. Well, it wasn’t his problem. He just needed to cover up for Izaya.
I hope this fits with what OP wanted, and I hope I didn't fail overall too much. Merry Christmas to everyone, too. :)

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