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Any prompt goes, so don't be afraid to request anything you want. Please check around before you post a request though, try not to repeat. But this meme doesn't work with just requesters so we welcome any and all writers, so don't be shy. Try to fill one for every one you request!

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Needs more bitchy uke!Aoba.

Aoba getting sexually tortured and/or abused, by either his brother or Izaya.

And since I can really see this happening one of two ways:

- He can be his usual manipulative self, using his "bitchy uke mode" to egg them on and see exactly how far they'll go

- Or, he can genuinely object to what's going on, and be reduced to whining/crying/bitching at them to stop.

Any extra kinks you like are fine, but bonus points for using toys, especially ones that are too big for someone Aoba's size to take easily. ♥

whyyyy is Aoba the only character I want to read porn of lately, seriously

Re: Needs more bitchy uke!Aoba.

it's because he's a little whore and no matter how much he objects, you know he wants it~~ ♥

Seconding, btw c:

Re: Needs more bitchy uke!Aoba.


Re: Needs more bitchy uke!Aoba.

Fourth and I'd go for the second option every there. It's not everyday you would hear Aoba-chan whining/crying/bitching since he's always in control. LOL

you held the match to my skin and poured the fuel on the fire [1/3]

not any of the anons who previously commented, not exactly either of OP's suggested scenarios, and not exactly a big toy... I just figured, since it was fill-only mode and I remembered this request, well. this, uh, just, went the way it wanted to. I hope it's still okay :'D
just making it clear although it was technically the request:
very much underage non-con sexual abuse following.
enjoy ? ♥

There isn't a particular reason why he does it. There never was any particular reason; sometimes his little brother had actually done something to bother him, but it was never anything big; and sometimes he was just annoyed with something else entirely and simply needed to take his frustration on something; and sometimes he just happened to be bored, and his baby brother just happened to be there.

Today, it's the latter case.

Although one could also say there was always a reason, always the same single reason, always Aoba's fault; one could say Ran is simply letting loose, today, years of pent-up frustration.

It has to be Aoba's fault, there has to be something wrong with the boy. No kid his age has quite that look in their eyes, no kid fakes cheerfulness that well, no kid takes beating and abusing without a sound, without a tear. The kid is that messed up, maybe if Ran shakes him up enough he can be fixed. Maybe, if Ran can figure out how to break his facade, he'll be crushed for good and he'll stop glaring back at Ran, stop looking at him with those eyes and that - that thing in them will go out.

That thing that flickers in Aoba's eyes, burning darkly in the deceptive baby-blue irises, it's not hatred. Not even that. Ran doesn't understand what it is, just knows that he doesn't fucking want his little brother to look at him like that, like - like he's not even dogshit on the sole of his shoe, like he's not even worth being stepped on, like he's a waste of air yet not even worth the trouble of getting rid of him and yet it would be easy.

Aoba is a freak of nature. Ran can't believe they're even related by blood (though it wouldn't surprise him if they didn't actually have the same father, but it seems a fact that they share a mother, whore or not).

Ran just wants everyone to see the creature his little brother really is, just wants everyone to know he's not crazy and paranoid and picking on an innocent kid for no reason. Behind the angel face, behind the wide eyes, pink cheeks and bright smiles, Izumii Aoba is a monster.

It's the only explanation, because that evening, Ran is slightly drunk and still high from a joint and bored, enough to decide his girly-faced, eleven-year-old brother could substitute for an actual chick for the night. He's half out of his mind when he grabs Aoba by the seat of his school uniform pants, drags him into his room and throws him onto his bed - and yet he still clearly feels his blood run cold and he actually shivers at the way Aoba looks at him.

The dark fire in those ice-cold eyes is still not hate, and not fear either, not even close to it. But for once, Ran thinks he might get what it is. An intense disgust, a sort of active tiredness, as if all Aoba thinks of the situation is how pathetic an act it is. How pathetic humans are.

Like he's not one of them, like he doesn't want to be one of them, like he doesn't want anything to do with them.

you held the match to my skin and poured the fuel on the fire [2/3]

Aoba doesn't even fight. He'd be easily crushed - he is easily crushed - even if he did, but he doesn't. He may have worked it out himself, that his featherweight and skinny arms and short legs could do nothing against Ran's size, build, muscles and experience, but he doesn't even try. He doesn't even ask Ran to stop. He almost looks bored, the absolute freak, and then he starts laughing. A hysterical, insane, unnaturally high-pitched laugh that has nothing to do with amusement and everything to do with complete loathing of this world, complete loathing of everything and everyone, Ran first.

It terrifies him. It terrifies Ran, the way Aoba still smiles when he pulls his dick out of his jeans. It terrifies him so much, it gets rid of the hard-on that made him start this in the first place. And he would stop right there and then, he would shove Aoba off his bed and out of his room and let him off with just a kick in the stomach and a little scare, if only it was a scare, if only Aoba looked a little shaken.

But Ran's mind, addled with alcohol and drug and terror, realizes with a sharp clarity that if he stopped, it would be Aoba's win. Doing this is the only, only way he might get one up on the little devil, because the beatings aren't enough, because Aoba isn't afraid of him, the only way he may get him to stop laughing, stop looking at him like that.

He groans and wills himself hard again; focusing on his kid brother's long eyelashes, soft hair, thin fingers and milky skin doesn't do shit to arouse him, never mind how much he looks like a little girl, but the thought that he's going to hurt him eventually does the trick.

Even as Ran tugs his pants down, flips him on his knees, twists his arms, spreads his legs, Aoba is still letting out airy, eerie little giggles; so Ran grabs his skull and pushes his face down into his pillow, faintly hoping to smother him.

The way he chokes, though, ever-so-slightly, when Ran shoves his dick up his bony little ass, is a delicious sound. Ran presses in, presses close, thrusts in and out of him too hard, too fast, trying to get more of that sound, of that unease, trying to break him in deeper; and more than the tightness, more than the heat, it's the way Aoba's body seems to shrink, to try and curl up on himself, that excites him further.

He's fractured the facade, he thinks, elated, he's broken the doll -

- Aoba bites on his own lower lip, hard, but too late to contain a small, whiny, needy little moan.

A moan.

Ran thrusts in harder and Aoba shakes, below him, his hands fist in Ran's sheets and his tiny but erect little cock squirts up cum that splashes on Ran's thighs and Ran is the one laughing, now, laughing his head off.

He pulls out and backhands the boy into the wall.

"You slut," he spits out, giddy from his unexpected discovery. "You like it, you fag, you freak. Eleven and you like being fucked? By your brother? Just how screwed up are you?"

you held the match to my skin and poured the fuel on the fire [3/3]

That night he finally discovers what hate looks like in Aoba's eyes. He's never felt better, he's never felt more powerful, in control, on top of the world. He slaps and punches and bites Aoba, kicks him off the bed and pummels him into the floor, squeezes and wrings his dick dry, spanks his ass, pinches his balls, scratches his nipples, and all along Aoba tries not to twist and writhe and flush and cry and moan; every time he fails is another victory for Ran, and he plays to win, keeps at it until he does, over and over again.

The best part is when he picks up his lighter from the floor and plays with it on Aoba's skin, grazing the flame over his cock and balls, just quick enough not to char but still singing skin and Aoba cries out in pain, openly, finally; and then he fucks the boy with the plastic container, and delights in how thoroughly he has shattered his defenses, how plainly it shows on his face now that he's terribly uncomfortable and yet loving it.

In the end Ran gets off without even touching his own dick again, just from watching Aoba fall apart.

Aoba gets back at him, of course he does. Ran has not a single doubt about what actually happened to his room. But he doesn't say it; he doesn't tell their father why Aoba would do this to him, why the infamously pyrophobe would choose to burn his room.

He just stares back into his little brother's half-lidded eyes, smirks in answer to the blindingly bright smile, and licks his lip and says, "Oi, otouto, you want us to share a bedroom again like old times or what?"

Aoba's smile doesn't waver, but the demure spark in his eyes turns to an all-blazing fire of consuming hatred - hatred, finally - and Ran knows the brat is going to come up with something else in the future to get revenge on him again, knows he'll ensnare him in convoluted schemes (to make up for his physical weakness, frailness, fragility) and do his damned best to ruin his life.

But today, today Ran laughs, and laughs, and laughs, because they both know he has won; he has ruined Aoba first.

Re: you held the match to my skin and poured the fuel on the fire [3/3]

This is really, really good. I just... wow. This is awesome.

. . . OP HERE

Anon, you are... awesome. just awesome!! I had forgotten about this request, but it's a good thing I track my request threads.

You say it's nothing like my requests, but I disagree, it's the general idea that counts and I love this fill so much. I... I might be the only person who ships these two in a sick and twisted sense like this, so I enjoyed reading this, especially since your writing is so good! For a second, I felt like I should feel awful for thinking this was so hot, but.... haha well, I requested it and you filled it, so I don't think I should feel awful about what was intended.

Very, very nice work, anon. And thank you for the fill ♥ Now I'm inspired to fill some too...


:D So glad you liked, OP!

I also "ship this two in this twisted sense" and had a lot of... well, not fun, but I definitely enjoyed being enabled to write this. My worry was that this focused more on Ran, on the rivalry and the breaking Aoba than on the sex itself and Aoba's reaction was neither manipulating/egging on or bitching - so I'm really relieved OP still found it hot and to your liking :'D well, I'm guessing it's the same for all us Aoba-fans: as long as he gets abused, we're very happy? :D

All the better if I've inspired you to write in turn, and *crosses fingers* please choose some Aoba requests to fill? Like, any Aoba request? :D?

Re: you held the match to my skin and poured the fuel on the fire [3/3]

Oh god, I think this was beyond awesome (I was craving some Ran/Aoba just today actually, but I never thought someone would write them any time soon) but at the same time I feel terrible for poor little Aoba. You did a great job describing how he was breaking apart. /sob.

Umm, oh! I have a question. I read in many fics that Aoba was afraid of fire but I never read it in canon--Actually, I got the impression that he liked fire a little bit too much. So... Did I miss anything? Or is it just headcanon?

Re: you held the match to my skin and poured the fuel on the fire [3/3]

Thank you ♥ writernon admits having had a great time describing her favorite freak getting broken

Well, about that, I also thought it came from here (, I thought it was mentioned that no one even suspected Aoba because he was known to have a fear of fire. But... rereading that scene... it's actually not. So I think you're right, this seems to be just deeply ingrained headfanon? 8D;;; (As an aside, my view of it was that he's both scared and fascinated by it and the destructive power it has. Plus, in this case, overcoming his fear (that could also have been caused by Ran's actions in the first place) to get ironic revenge on his brother would be a double victory for him.
*anon is rambling*

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